What is mir4 nft


MIR4 is a triple-A NFT game based on MMORPG gameplay which is currently hyped in the crypto space. In the game, players immerse in the oriental fantasy realm as warriors who romp to wild missions and fight against each other to become the greatest of them all.Mar 4, 2022

What is mir4 (mir4)?

Feb 15, 2022 · MIR4 is a cross-platform NFT game for free where you can earn real money by literally mining an in-game currency called Darksteel. MIR4 is a new MMORPG developed by WeMade Corporation from South Korea. Then a buyer will purchase unseal and play as the character in MIR4.

What is mir4 (Draco)?

MIR4 NFT, the game that makes you earn money without investing. Among all the NFT games that we can find today, there is one that stands out for something very interesting, that allows us to earn money without an initial investment, the only investment we need to farm Tokens, will be our time. MIR4 is an MMORPG game that works on Android, iOs and Steam to download for …

Will blockchain games like mir4 continue to grow in global space?

2 days ago · Nft Games Mir4 only one of the actions can be a terminating action (e.g, web3 technologies have continued in that pattern and changed human activity. Dog nft price dan Olson of Folding Ideas has put together an in-depth critique of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the clubhouse will be accessible to everyone and have GLITCH branding on the building.

Is “mir4” p2w (pay to win)?

What Is MIR4 NFT Game? By description, MIR4 is a blockchain game that was developed by WeMade Co Limited from South Korea. The global edition of the game was launched on August 26 , 2021, and it currently supports 12 languages and is available in 170 countries globally.


What is meaning of NFT in MIR4?

Non-Fungible TokenThe following was sent to Inven Global via Press Release. Wemade’s blockbuster MMORPG ‘MIR4’ officially introduced the character NFT(Non-Fungible Token) on 21 Dec.Dec 21, 2021

Can u earn money in MIR4?

Earn Money in Mir 4 by Mining Darksteel Darksteel is an essential in-game resource of MIR4 that can be smelted (transformed) into DRACO, the game’s utility token. Once you have DRACO, you can convert it into different cryptocurrencies that you can exchange into real-world cash.Sep 12, 2021

Is MIR4 a Blockchain game?

Darksteel is Mir4’s gateway into cryptocurrency. You smelt it down into a currency called Draco, blockchain-based tokens that can be used to purchase in-game items, or converted into real world money.Feb 7, 2022

What is the best character in MIR4?

MIR4: The Best Classes For PvE1 Lancer.2 Taoist. … 3 Arbalist. … 4 Warrior. Being the tank, Warriors are expected to lead the charge and be the last one falling. … 5 Sorcerer. Following in the footsteps of classic MMO spellcasters, the Sorcerer in MIR4 is arguably the strongest when it comes to ranged and spell damage. … Dec 15, 2021

How can I earn GCash?

To summarize, the 7 easy ways to earn money in GCash are:Invite or refer other people to GCash.Sell prepaid load.Save money and earn interest.Become an investor with GCash Invest Money.Play games to win cash prizes.Earn money with BuzzBreak.Earn money with SnippetMedia.Jan 17, 2022

How do you get Draco in MIR4?

Earning DRACO In Mir4 Simplified First, you have to mine an in-game currency called Darksteel. You do so by literally mining it in the game. Darksteel can then be exchanged for utility tokens through a process called smelting. You can get 1 DRACO per 100,000 Darksteel.

What is NFT in crypto?

An NFT is thus created, or as crypto enthusiasts say it is “minted”, to get exclusive ownership rights. NFTs can have only one owner at a time. Apart from exclusive ownership, NFT owners can also digitally sign their artwork and store specific information in their NFTs metadata.Feb 23, 2022

Is MIR4 good to play?

There’s a lot to admire in MIR4 as it offers tons of content in a unique and fascinating open world. Thanks to Unreal Engine, the game offers gorgeous graphics, and the classes of characters to pick from are eye-catching. Like literally every game there is, MIR4 has both negative and positive aspects.Oct 20, 2021

Is MIR4 an NFT game?

MIR4 is a cross-platform NFT game for free where you can earn real money by literally mining an in-game currency called Darksteel. And once you get enough Darksteel, you can ‘smelt’ and turn it into DRACO, the world’s first coin of commercially successful online games.Nov 11, 2021

What is PvE in MIR4?

Best classes in MIR4 Even though players are able to choose between any of the classes, it is believed that certain classes perform better in player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) modes.

Will there be assassin class in MIR4?

Other additions in the update To celebrate the addition of the Assassin class in MMORPG V4, this update also brings a special event with lots of rewards for all the players. There will be check-in gifts which will be given to all the players logging in to the game for 14 days starting from 27.01.

Is MIR4 Korean?

That didn’t stop South Korean game maker Wemade Co Ltd from going ahead with the global release of its NFT-applied game, MIR4, in late August. The game has attracted more than 1.3 million players overseas, sending the firm’s share price skyrocketing more than 600% since the launch.Nov 25, 2021

What is MIR4?

South Korean video game developer WeMade Co Limited announced MIR4 on August 26. It is available in 12 languages across 170 countries.

Games and blockchains

The reasons for using blockchains and cryptocurrencies in games has much the same reason as any other use case. Games like WoW and Defence of the Ancients (DoTA) have been plagued by hackers stealing players’ in-game items. Using blockchains and NFTs for selling in-game items could make it more difficult for such thefts.


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