Welina Pineapple People | Collection of 9,999 Pineapple NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are unique and specific to a person. They can be used to display everything from game items and rewards to real estate and other physical assets and even art! Unlike other types of cryptocurrency, NFTs are not interchangeable and each one is unique. There are millions of NFT projects in 2022 today, each with their own story, art, idea and most importantly Utility!.

Today the project we are going to talk about is a very special one, yet it is one of the most inspiring NFT projects created by a very creative person. She is a nurse, woodworker, philanthropist, artist and she created Welina Pineapple People

Her deep desire to help and provide medical care to underserved communities made her realize that she can use the power and technology of NFTs to help people and provide them with medical care. This is where the creation of the Welina Pineapple People NFT project originated.

Welina Pineapple People

Meet Welina Pineapple People

They are NFT collectibles with a good cause and a great vision for the future of the medical sector.

The pineapple can be a symbol of welcome, hospitality, celebration or some hidden meaning for you. Whatever it means to you, everyone is welcome here.

Welina Pineapple People is a collection of 9,999 programmatically constructed Solana NFTs with more than 100 individually created properties. Each pineapple is unique, some have more rare features than others. There are also three 1/1 edition unique Welina Pineapple People that are specially and individually made.

The project is based on the Solona Blockchain to provide faster and affordable incentives for holders rather than relying on the high gas costs of the Ethereum blockchain. That means members can buy the NFT for as little as 0.69 SOL, while paying only a small amount of gas fees on the Solana Blockchain network.

Welina Pineapple People supports several charities in the medical field, including: Doctors Without Borders, International Medical Corps, and International Medical Committee† Welina NFT Developer is a Certified Nursing Specialist, so these charitable organizations have been carefully chosen to meet her strong desire to provide medical care to people with disabilities.

There are so many great organizations to support that it’s hard to decide where to donate. These charities were chosen after extensive research, with a particular focus on low-overhead organizations, indicating that the majority of their resources go to helping those in need. It explains why each charity has been selected.

NFT Details, Price and Dates of Mint Condition

The Welina Pineapples People consists of: 9,999 programmatically constructed Solana NFTs created by the combinations of 100 unique features and designs. Each NFT is unique and has its own personality and character.

  • Coin price: The price of each Welina Pineapples People NFT will be 0.69 SOL.
  • Date public currency: The NFT project will be publicly launched on 5/5/2022. Members can mint up to 20 NFTs per transaction during the public mint.
  • Presale Mint Date: Whitelisted and Early Adopters of the NFT project can get an early chance to hit one of the Welina Pineapples People NFT. Whitelisted members can mint up to 5 NFTs for a discounted price of 0.5 SOL. The presale coin will start on 5/3/22 and will last for 48 hours until the project goes into public sale.

One can be whitelisted by becoming a member Welina Pineapples People Official Discord Channel and invite five of your friends to join. With only 100 places available on the whitelist, it is quite easy to get on the whitelist, but the places are limited.

Discord – https://discord.gg/zFyscmEfQQ

NFT Roadmap

  • Phase one (Q1 2022) – The project will focus on art production and community building. They also host giveaways for community members for 7 days prior to the drop date, the information of which is on their Official Twitter and Discord server.
  • Phase two: The Drop (Q2 2022) – Official Drop will take place where a total of 10,000 Welina Pineapple People NFTs will be launched. Pre mint will happen on 3-5-2022 for Whitelisted members who can Mint to 5 NFTs for 0.5 SOL. shame coin starts on 5/5/2022 and members can use up to 20 NFT Coinseach costs 0.69 SOL.
  • Phase three: post-mint charitable donation – 50% of all proceeds from the first mint will be given to selected charities that will be divided equally to help with the ongoing violence in Ukraine. Donations are transparently documented on our Outofficial Twitter site and Discord server.
  • Phase four – The NFT project will continue to evolve and provide input for future directions. We like to offer the things you like and/or use. A second Welina’s NFT collection art production starts.


Website: https://www.welinanfts.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/welina_nft

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/zFyscmEfQQ

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