Turkey Enters Metaverse With $19 Million Budget

At the Forum Metaverse, Turkish President Erdoğan caused a stir when he said 2022 was a “digital globalization year” and that Turkey should produce its own digital tools to prevent Turkish youth from falling in love with other cultures.

Erdoğan said, “We will not have peace” without producing our own “authentic software and technologies”. He added that the country could not “look to the future with confidence” if the hearts and minds of Turkey’s “future” were accustomed to channels from other countries.

While there’s no doubt that Erdoğan’s comments had a hint of ethnocentrism, one aspect of them was undeniable: Turkey is entering the metaverse.

Mahmut Özer, Turkey’s education minister, followed up on his president’s statement and said the Turkish education system would be the first sector to enter the metaverse. He gave the example of several technical areas requiring hands-on training as the first disciplines to use the metaverse as part of a pilot program.

One of the biggest concerns in the Turkish education system is that there are not enough resources to provide students with the right education. Through the metaverse, Turkey can bring together all learners in a specific discipline and teach them under the tutelage of a qualified trainer.

Özer has high hopes for the project, saying the country should have more than 400 master students by the end of May. For his metaverse plans, the education system has $19 million available to use, according to Özer. Part of the budget will create President Erdoğan’s authentic metaverse content.

Turkey not the first country with metaverse ambitions

Turkey isn’t the first country to say it’s entering the metaverse. As Rarity Sniper previously reported, South Korea plans to invest $186.7 million to create a metaverse ecosystem that will lead NFTs and digital content in the country.

While Turkey’s plans are currently more focused on education, South Korea announced a full-fledged state metaverse plan that would include virtual cities, media and education in the country. His investment compared to Turkey’s is much larger and his ambitions more detailed, although that could change at any time.

JP Morgan has said the metaverse could be a $1 trillion market. Many companies buy land in it, such as Gucci, or register trademarks such as Victoria’s Secret, McDonald’s and Walmart.

After Turkey’s new position, the real question is which country will be next.

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