Top 10 NFT Tools Every NFT Maker & Collector Should Use

Despite the naysayers, the NFT space continues to grow with exciting new projects every day. So far in 2022 we have seen monthly trading volumes blowing the water on platforms like OpenSea with millions of NFTs being sold every month. The number of users is also steadily increasing, with active users now exceeding a million.

And as the NFT economy has grown, some great tools have also been developed. These tools help investors, makers and collectors to stay informed. Armed with the right tools, NFT collectors, investors and creators can gain useful insights into market trends, project metrics and stay on top of what’s going on.

While you can discover these for yourself, to save you the hassle, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 NFT tools that all creators and collectors should know about.

1. Rare Tool ( is an essential tool in any serious NFT collector toolkit. The website allows users to rank the rarity of NFTs within a collection and compare their properties and characteristics.

The most important number to look out for on is the ‘rarity score’. This is the sum of all individual facets and properties that make up an NFT. This figure makes it easy to compare two completely different NFTs, even if they come from different collections.

Creators can list their project on for a 2ETH fee. While this may seem expensive at first, that means generative projects listed here as one of the go-to websites for NFT research are gaining much more interest in the long run.

2. NFT Statistics

Another essential resource is the NFT Stats website ( The platform is one of the first points of contact for NFT investors who want to know what people are buying and what is not going so well.

The most useful feature of the tool is the ranking. These ever-changing lists currently show the most popular NFT collections or individual sales. This allows collectors to quickly discover new projects and see which NFTs are currently generating buzz.

For those who need a longer-term perspective, the lists can be customized to also see the most popular collections from the past week or month.

3. Trait sniper

Another rarity tool, Traitsniper ( is a highly detailed website that provides up-to-date information on new and upcoming NFT collections. The platform uses algorithms to calculate the rarity of NFT collections and their tokens and bots to search the web for additional information.

For those new to the NFT space, the look and feel of the site can be a bit overwhelming with a lot of data presented. Collectors can see at a glance everything from a collection’s current floor price, supply, royalties, last sale prices, and in a collection the rarity and sale prices of individual tokens.

Once mastered, Traitsnipers is a gold mine of information.

4. Rarity Niffer

Rarity Sniffer ( is another tool that some collectors prefer to use to compare the rarity of tokens. The tool is similar to other platforms in that you can take a closer look at the characteristics of an individual NFT and see what gives it value. Identifying scarcity with Rarity Sniffer is easy thanks to its clean design and easy-to-navigate user interface.

The website has an “upcoming” section to stay informed and has a subscription for instant notifications of newly unveiled collections.

5. Icy Tools ( is one of the most popular trend spotting tools. The “Trending Collections” feature allows users to see which projects generated the most activity in the past day.

For those with a connected wallet, you can even dive into the details and see what’s ranked in the last 15 minutes. This data includes rock bottom prices and volumes, the most active wallets, and the standard comparison of individual token rarity.

Some users prefer over alternatives because of its premium benefits. These include even more detailed information about collections, price charts, and a longer view of an NFT’s history.

6. How

While most of the tools on this list are related to Ethereum, the NFT scene is growing exponentially on other blockchains with lower costs and faster transaction speeds.

One such blockchain is Solana, which is seeing a huge influx of NFT projects. For Solana NFT traders, collectors and investors, is fast becoming the go-to tool to track projects, compare token rarities and discover upcoming drops.

The platform uses a simple table layout with easily sorted headings to compare projects and provides the essential information about individual NFTs. The website is also a great place to learn about collections that are about to enter the mint stage using the “Upcoming Drops” tool located at the top of the website’s home page.

7. Handy River

Nifty River ( allows users to spot NFT trends as they happen, by viewing the rarity of projects from most major blockchains and their scaling solutions such as Arbitrum. It also includes lesser-used blockchains such as the sustainable network Harmony.

The site is ambitious with details available until the last 30 minutes. This includes information about drops and minting, so it’s a great platform to watch a project launch and decide whether to get involved or not without missing your chance.

The tool also includes premium features such as the “Whale Watcher” and “Whitelist Finder” that make it a breeze to start projects early.

8. NFT Drops Calendar

Certainly one of the most important tools on this list, NFT Drops Calendar ( is a must-use tool for collectors with their eye on multiple projects.

Historically, one of the major problems in the NFT space has been knowing what falls when. Fortunately, NFT Drops Calendar does the hard work for you.

Not only does this tool allow you to browse the latest upcoming drops, but with alerts enabled, you will be immediately notified of surprise events such as giveaways and sales. The user interface is very easy to use, allowing you to sort and sift as you see fit, with filters such as price and coin date being the most common.

For creators, the tool is also essential. With so many people using the website to find upcoming drops, listing your project here is an easy way to find early adopters and build a community ahead of launch.

9. Upcoming NFT

Another tool to know what is falling and when is Upcoming NFT ( This tool keeps you up to date on project drops and auctions, as well as giveaways, whitelisting, and other events.

One of the useful features of Upcoming NFT is the ability to sort by popularity. Since the success or failure of most NFT projects comes down to whether people like it or not, this important indicator is a valuable piece of information. This is based on data from a live feed of blockchain mining information and is one of the fastest sources of real-time analysis.

Creators can also list their projects here, gain visibility, and attract buyers by simply hitting the large Submit Project button at the top of the page. Project visibility here can also be increased with paid promotions, putting your project in front of interested potential investors.

10. Moby

Still gaining momentum, Moby is a tracking tool that claims to provide the fastest feed of NFT stats.

With NFT stats available up to the last 10 minutes, the website has an edge over other platforms, with every minute being crucial when a coin opportunity arises and decisions need to be made quickly.

The website is free to use with most of the features accessible without paying a cent. Pro access, however, gives investors more detailed charts and information, such as a near real-time data feed. While still largely underused, this tool is one that is likely to be used more in the future as the space becomes even more competitive.

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