Top 10 Best NFT Projects for Deploying and Earning Passive Income

Whether you’re holding on forever or flipping tokens every week, your NFTs are a great source of passive income. NFT projects and platforms now offer multiple ways to earn extra coins with collectibles that would otherwise just sit in a wallet. Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to get involved.

For those who’ve heard of passive income with NFTs, but aren’t quite sure how it works, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know. Below we have explained the top passive income sources with a list of the best NFT projects for deploying and earning passive income.

How to make money with NFTs?

NFTs off

The most popular form of passive income generation from NFTs is staking. This entails “locking” your token for a period of time and earning returns. Proceeds are paid out in the form of tokens that can have a market value of their own.

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NFT hire

NFT Some games have a relatively high entry price. Letting your NFTs to gamers who can not play because of this barrier is a great way to maximize earning potential of your tokens, especially if you do not play along.

While the rental space is still in its infancy, NFT owners can already dictate the price and duration of their token lending.

NFT royalties

Most NFT marketplaces offer the option to collect ongoing royalties from minted tokens. This means that when the NFT is sold now or in the future, it returns a portion of the profits to its original creator.

This process is completely passive and automated. And with the implementation of EIP-2981 (, such royalties will be baked into the token itself, regardless of platform.

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Top 10 Best NFT Projects for Deploying and Earning Passive Income

1. BAND Royalty


BAND Royalty is one of the most exciting uses of NFT technology to date. It allows music lovers and fans to own tokenized versions of the royalties of their favorite songs. Token owners can then share in future revenues and the royalties received.

The project was launched with 3,000 BAND NFTs with a long-term target of 12,000. This keeps the community and earning potential for owners tight.

Within the BAND Royalty lineup, you’ll find tracks from Beyonce, Jay-Z,, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Cher and Missy Elliot.

Owning a token also gives you access to the royalty pool collection. If you stake your NFTs into this pool, you get an even bigger slice of the royalty pie. The strike periods last from 90 days to 5 years with bigger rewards for longer block times.

2. CyberKongz


CyberKongz is a collection of randomly generated social avatars featuring an assortment of weird and wonderful monkey characters. The collection was launched in March 2021 with only 1000 tokens and sold out quickly.

With a strong community around the tokens, the project expanded its scope with the $BANANA token. Original CyberKongz NFT holders can earn 10 $BANANA per day for up to 10 years!

These tokens can be collected and retained or incinerated and used to rename your NFT, there give a bio to, features to add or even from reproducing. With $BANANA needed to breed and hatch the next generation CyberKongz, ‘Baby CyberKongz’.

As it stands (April 2022), the $BANANA token is worth $6.80.

3. Axie Infinity


The biggest game in the NFT space, Axie Infinity is the ultimate play-to-earn experience. Like Pokemon, but with ownership locked into the blockchain, Axie Infinity allows players to battle, trade, charge and grow their tokens.

In terms of earning potential, Axie Infinity rewards player activity with its native currency, AXS. Since AXS has a decent value of its own, playing the game passively can be an extremely lucrative way to pass the time and get on the leaderboard.

For true passive income, AXS can now also be deployed ( to earn valuable AXS rewards.

Additionally, Axie Infinity rewards player activity with another token, Smooth Love Potion (SLP). This coin is an in-game currency, but is now gaining value outside of the Axie ecosystem.

4. Game Wolf


Like Axie Infinity, Wolf Game is an NFT game to play to earn with deceptively simple mechanics open to deeper strategy and gameplay.

The project is based on game theory, a social science topic about the interaction of competitive but rational agents.

The game emphasizes risky decision making with players who own Wolf or Sheep NFTs on Ethereum. Coins require $WOOL and players do not know which token they will receive.

If you hit a sheep, you may put your chip in the barn. This will passively reward you with $WOOL. Owning a Wolf also passively earns $WOOL in terms of “taxes”. This ERC-20 token has a market value and offers a great opportunity for risk reward.

5. The sandbox


In addition to Decentraland, The Sandbox is well on its way to becoming the definitive Metaverse platform of the NFT space. The suite of easy-to-use tools allows anyone to create assets, cosmetics, experiences, and even games within the Sandbox universe.

This provides an opportunity for passive income with these creations being tokened as NFTs. Users can access prices to charge, let their country, create desired animations or accessories, or even real estate involved and become a virtual landlord.

The platform uses the $SAND token that can be earned and deployed to provide liquidity. This rewards strikers with an annual return with a very high APR.



NFTX is slightly different, allowing users to create their own ERC-20 tokens with NFTs used to spend value. Users can deposit their tokens in the NFTX vault, which allows them to create their collection of ERC-20 tokens, with the value of each derived from the NFT.

These “vTokens” can then be used in various ways to earn passive income. The most popular is strike. Deploying vTokens passively earns rewards and can also be merged into Automated Market Makers to provide much-needed liquidity.



A play-to-earn NFT game, MOBOX is a metaverse in the making that will give players the opportunity to receive passive income.

The NFTs, known as MOMOs, can be bought, sold and minted, each with its own unique ‘hash power’. This determines the yield when staking your MOMO, where the token received is called $MBOX.

To make the process even easier is the fact that hitting a MOMO automatically deploys it, making users money right from the start.

While your MOMO will have a starting hash power, rarer tokens can increase their status and earn even more $MBOX. Since $MBOX itself has a real USD value, it is a relatively easy and passive way to make money with NFTS.

8. Splinters


Splinter Lands is one of the most established NFT games in the crypto fresh. As with card fighters like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, let Splinter Lands players together outwit with piles collectibles, each with their own unique powers and abilities.

Besides being really fun to play, Splinterlands also allows players to earn passively. The game spends “Splintershards” ($SPS) for in-game activities and this can be used to interact with the Binance Smart Chain.

The SPS token allows you to bet on ranked matches, yield farming in liquidity pools and stake for governance voting with DAO.

The game also gives out Dark Energy Crystals ($DEC) for winning matches. In conjunction with $SPS These tokens can be used to increase the chance of receiving rewards through airdrops.

9. Famous Fox Federation


Using the Solana blockchain, the Famous Fox Federation is a collection of 7,777 fox-based avatars in various setups. The project is one of the most established NFT projects on Solana and is a promising sign of collection growth beyond Ethereum alone.

The project allows holders to wager their Fox tokens and earn $FOXY coins. These tokens can be claimed through the project website and offer useful because they are redeemable for future mints and other features such as “Dens”, which is Famous Fox property.

Foxes can now also be sent on missions, allowing holders to earn treasury tokens that can be of significant value.

10. Renft


Another new concept, reNFT allows holders to lend their NFTs for fixed fees and maturities. reNFT is the first rental platform to hit the space, but open the door to a myriad of passive income opportunities.

The process is simple. When connected to a compatible wallet, upload one or more lenders NFTs, determine their rent, the collateral value is determined and specified a maximum rental period. The Renft escrow service holds then firmly secure the NFTs. Tenants can then borrow NFTs for a fixed period in which the collateral is considered as a deposit. They then receive the NFT and can use during that period as they want.

These and future similar projects are expected to become extremely popular in the NFT gaming space where players may not (or may not) want to commit to token ownership financially. Players can eventually borrow powerful items such as in-game weapons to complete difficult tasks or borrow a metaverse cosmetic for a virtual event.

The potential for platforms like reNTF is still being defined, but it was designed from the ground up to provide passive income to holders.

To take off

Whether strike, renting, or simply raking in royalties, passive income is one of the main advantages of NFTs. With platforms makes it very easy to make extra income, there is no reason to just leave tokens inactive in your crypto-wallet.

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