Tony Hawk Unveils New Skateboard NFT Collection

Following the success of his “Last Trick” NFTs, Tony Hawk says he will be auctioning a new “Skateboard NFT Collection” on Scheduled to launch on April 19, these one-on-one NFTs will feature a virtual replica of several skateboards associated with one of Hawk’s legendary tricks.

As a bonus, Tony Hawk will ship the five literal skateboards depicted in each NFT holder’s token. Hawk will also autograph these special skateboards before sending them to his fans.

While there are five NFTs in Hawk’s “Last Trick Skateboard Collection”, only four will be available to bid on Autograph. Hawk gave away his first “Frontside Cab Skateboard” NFT to any Autograph user with a Collector Score of at least 13,690. On Twitter, Autograph and Hawk announced that the user “@GarryDDeBoer” would receive the “Frontside Cab” NFT on April 18.

There is no minimum bid for Tony Hawk’s new skateboard NFTs, but Autograph users need a Collector Score of 13,690 to participate. Autograph opens bidding on April 19 at 12:00 PM ET for the four remaining NFTs, but each ends on a different date at 5:00 PM ET.

Here are the four remaining tricks in the “Skateboard NFT Collection” plus their end dates:

  • Finger Flip Skateboard: Ends April 20
  • Gymnast Plant Skateboard: Ends April 21
  • Magic Dance Skateboard: Ends April 22
  • ETVarial 540 Skateboard: Ends April 22

According to Autograph, the sports betting platform DraftKings will help manage Tony Hawk’s upcoming auctions.

Tom Brady continues to expand Autograph’s offering

Despite training for the upcoming NFL season, Tom Brady appears to be working full time building his Autograph NFT platform. Over the past few months, has announced several major deals with superstar athletes, professional sports clubs and major media companies.

For example, ESPN recently signed a multi-year contract with Autograph and launched its first Tom Brady NFT collection on the DraftKings NFT Market. All ESPN Tom Brady NFTs sold out quickly when they came out on April 6.

A few weeks ago, Autograph also announced a deal with Penske Entertainment, owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Recent reports suggest Autograph will drop official Indy 500 NFTs before the big race airs on May 29.

And it’s not just pro sports in Autograph’s NFT catalog. In 2021, the Lionsgate studio signed an official agreement with Autograph. This partnership gives Autograph the right to make NFTs of some of Lionsgate’s hit films, including ‘John Wick’, ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Hunger Games’.

It’s clear that Tom Brady is focused on building a successful NFT brand, and it appears that the star quarterback has contracted a case of the “NFT collection bug.” As Rarity Sniper recently reported, Brady is one of the latest celebrities to join the elite Bored Ape Yacht Club. The GOAT recently bought the Bored Ape #3667 NFT for about $460,000.

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