Tomboy NFT Artwork Collection | Giving a voice for gender freedom and LGBTQ

Despite only being established in 2020, Solona has quickly become one of the most popular blockchains in the world. This has led the NFT community and artists to introduce some of the most inspiring NFT projects that are changing the world and its culture.

One of those NFT projects is: Tomboy NFT Collection

The Tomboy art collection is an opportunity to be a voice for one’s freedom of expression through looks generally not perceived by mainstream art. In Asian culture, gender inequality is normal. Women are expected to appear in a certain way from society’s perspective of what is “beautiful.”

This collection is inspired by Song of Lisa BlackPink “tomboy” by means of Destiny Rogers, which is a dance cover. the lyrics, “I’m skating around town with my snap back on and still looking good without makeup.” This is a chance to give LGBTQ people a voice in society. By using Tomboy NFT as a profile picture on social media, you can express gender equality from cultural constraints. This NFT helps women identify themselves as their authentic selves!

Unlike traditional works of art that are physical, they have merged art and technology. As members of the LGBTQ community we have found a way to return and donate 10% of the proceeds from the beating. The Tomboy community will be able to: cast their vote for an LGBTQ charity of their choice. Some examples of charities are: Callen Lorde, The Door and Future Without Violence. This is a great opportunity as a collector to support these charities and have a chance to own works of art that will increase in value in the future.

NFT project details, pricing and features

The presale date for the Tomboy NFT Art Collection will be on the Apr 30, 2022. The presale collection price is launched at 0.8 SOL. Whitelisted members will be able to access the Presale Coin.

The official coinage for the public will be on the May 1, 2022. Here people can get Tomboy NFTs for a price of 1 SOL.

The prices of the NFTs are adjusted as more NFTs are sold. The price chart is as follows depending on the sales of coins. When the project is completely beaten, 10% of the profit goes to charity.

You can trade Tomboys NFTs on secondary marketplaces such as:, and Magic Eden once you hit them! to own additional NFTs. What can we expect in the future? We plan to release even more charitable projects in the future and integrate art with technology. This will bring many new ideas that could influence the development of blockchain.

Owners are eligible for random airdrops, future presale spots and other rewards!

NFT Features:

  1. Background – Dollar, Midnight, Pastel, Solana
  2. Skin – Gold, Gray, Green, Leopard, Line, Pink, Rainbow
  3. Shirt – Black Hood, Black Tomboy, Bomber, Dapper, Funeral, Fur Coat, Garcon Heart, Hoodie, Ice, Maid, Navy Shirt, Rock, Tank, Turtle Neck
  4. Mouth – fangs, lollipop, open, spout, tasty, violet
  5. Hair – Afro, black bun, black wavy, black windy, shave blue, blue short, brown long, brown wavy, gold bun, green short, pink bun, purple short, rainbow long, red short, samurai, silver, teal long, Teal Short
  6. Hat – Black Beanie, Rabbit, Glasses, Horns, Navy Hat, None, Queen, Tomboy Cap, Viking
  7. Hands – Cat, love, none, smoking
  8. Eyes – Glamour, Glasses, Normal, Reds, Shades, Squint

Details on how to mint your Tomboy NFT can be found on their official YouTube channel. You should definitely check it out!

NFT Roadmap

  • April 30 – White List Day
  • May 1 – Day of the Public Sale
  • 100% Beaten – We donate 10% to community chosen charities
  • More charities in the future that promote women’s causes
  • pleat : She is an LGBTQ artist, she is passionate about promoting human equality and for everyone being their authentic selves.
  • Tuna: He is the main developer behind the Tomboy NFT collection. The structural core brain behind NFT Project.
  • Sabrina: She is the Head of Marketing of Tomboy NFT Collection, handling all aspects of the NFT related to marketing, public relations, influencers and much more!.

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