Tiffany & Co. creates first CryptoPunk jewelry item

On April 7, Tiffany’s Vice President Alexandre Arnault unveiled a custom pendant modeled after CryptoPunk #3167. This NFT inspired item comes complete with the official “Tiffany & Co.” logo and the engraving “CryptoPunk #3167” on the back.

According to Arnault’s Twitter feed, Tiffany designers used a base of rose gold and enamel to create this high-quality CryptoPunk product. Arnault also said that his priceless pendant features a ruby ​​and sapphire to recreate CryptoPunk #3167’s 3D glasses. For a final flourish, Tiffany & Co. Add a diamond to mimic the earring in the CryptoPunk #3167 NFT.

The day after Arnault unveiled his CryptoPunk #3167 pendant, he posted a few additional photos of the design and creation process. Arnault also asked Twitter if Tiffany & Co. should make similar CryptoPunk pendants for those in the CryptoPunk community.

According to the results of the Twitter survey, 80 percent of respondents would be interested in buying jewelry based on their CryptoPunk NFT. However, there is no official word on whether Tiffany & Co. official CryptoPunks pendants will be rolled out. Arnault also said that Tiffany & Co. probably wouldn’t design all 10,000 NFTs in the CryptoPunks collection.

Alexandre Arnault got a lot of attention in the NFT space when he bought CryptoPunk #3167 in February 2021. Despite reservations from his father and LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, Alexandre spent 160 ETH on CryptoPunk #3167. LVMH Verified Alexandre Arnault bought CryptoPunk #3167 for $416,400.

While CryptoPunk #3167 will forever be famous for its Tiffany connection, it is not an incredibly rare CryptoPunk NFT. According to Rarity Sniper data, CryptoPunk #3167 ranks 7099 out of 10,000. While CryptoPunk #3167’s 3D glasses are somewhat rare at 2.86 percent of the collection, male CryptoPunks are not as valuable as females, zombies, monkeys, or aliens. More than 60 percent of CryptoPunks NFTs are male.

Currently, the minimum price for a CryptoPunk NFT on Larva Labs is 65.98 ETH (or $213,928).

Tiffany & Co. “launches” the NFT collecting game

The news about Arnault’s CryptoPunk pendant comes on the heels of another big NFT announcement from Tiffany. As Rarity Sniper reported, Tiffany & Co. a Tom Sachs Rocket Factory NFT a few weeks ago. Tiffany also changed his Twitter profile picture to his new “Okapi” Rocket NFT, featuring the Tiffany logo. Reports suggest that Tiffany spent 115 ETH (or $380,000) for its new pfp NFT.

On April 1, Tiffany said it was working on a cryptocurrency called “TiffCoin”. However, since Tiffany broke this news on April 1, it hasn’t been entirely fair to his fans. Following the April 1 announcement, Tiffany revealed that it would sell 499 literal gold “TiffCoins” on April 2 for $9,999 each.

By the way, if “Tom Sachs Rocket” sounds familiar to you, you may remember that Budweiser bought one of these NFTs as well. In the summer of 2021, Budweiser changed his Twitter profile after purchasing his “Life of the Party” NFT for $25,000.

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