The creator of PUBG is teasing metaverse and NFTs the size of the Earth

The creator of PUBG, a popular first-person battle royale game, has revealed its next title and it’s bound to cause some controversy. The game, called Artemis, will feature aspects of Web3, including the metaverse and non-exchangeable tokens. It will also use blockchain technology. Here are all the details.

  • Brendan Greene said Artemis will take place in a metaverse environment the size of the Earth
  • Players can create experiences and earn money from them, as in other metaverses
  • The world is becoming open source so that “everyone can participate”
  • Artemis will have such functionality that the residents can decide what it will be

Greene said in an interview that he is “fascinated” by the idea of ​​digital spaces. In these spaces, there are no rules per se, but a series of systems that players can use to create whatever they want. Even with the criticism of blockchain games, he never really considered walking away from the idea.

He added that while making money will be a part of Artemis, it won’t be the only focus. And the focus for money makers will not be on large companies monetizing experience, but on individuals who see a need in the market for a product and deliver it.

There is no current launch date for Artemis. According to Greene’s comments, it looks like the game will compete with players like Decentraland and The Sandbox, decentralized metaverses, rather than closed garden metaverses like Roblox and Minecraft. The latter banned the use of the blockchain and NFTs, preventing players from using them.

Game developers keep pushing in Web3

While gamers have criticized the use of NFTs in games, that hasn’t stopped some developers from going ahead with Web3. Here are three stories about the intersection of game developers and the next iteration of the Internet.

First, there’s SQUARE Enix. Five months ago, the company sold its Tomb Raider franchise for $300 million to continue its push into Web3. The move faced backlash on social media, with SQUARE being equated with selling a real house for magic beans.

Second, there is PUBG company Krafton. Six months ago, the developers signed a deal with Solana Labs to use NFT technology. The news had been brewing for months, as rumors circulated that Krafton was investing in blockchain game companies in his home country of South Korea.

Our third story also comes from Krafton. Eight months ago, news broke that the company was entering the world of NFTs and the metaverse by investing. The investments include a $2.5 million stake in Seoul Auction Blue and $4.1 million in XBYBLUE.

Brendan Greene’s new metaverse title is sure to fluff some feathers in the gaming community. But the game maker seems to have built a blockchain-based game. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’re keeping our ears to the ground for the gaming community’s response and any further developments.

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