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SuperRare, the company recognized for operating a blockchain-based virtual art market, is about to close the doors of its debut art gallery in New York this month.

SuperRare featured a rotating selection of NFT and Crypto focused exhibits and techniques throughout the summer season. Originally scheduled to run from May 19 to August 28, SuperRare extended the pop-up gallery until the end of September.

SuperRare’s gallery home is located in SoHo on W Broadway, right in the heart of the art-centric universe.

“From the jump, we knew we wanted to be in SoHo because of its connection to the traditional art world,” Arianne Lapidus, the gallery supervisor for SuperRare’s NYC pop-up, told Boardroom in a unique interview. “This whole area is full of galleries and has been for a long time.”

Lapidus joined SuperRare in early spring to bring the company’s first physical gallery home to Lifestyles. She describes the house as a standard gallery with white partitions, gray floors, and spice lighting. Photos are hung 60 inches above the floor and spaced equally, excluding all different ones.

Because SuperRare focuses on artwork excellence and unique NFTs, the company wanted to make every artwork a standard and new method. The gallery displays a mix of two-dimensional artworks, video representations and stationary virtual items. There’s even a poetry-based setup.

“COMPLETE: Are you ready for the future?” via artist Sasha Stiles.
Art shows in SuperRare’s pop-up gallery.

“We thought the physical space might contribute to the point we’re trying to make about art in the technical space,” said Lapidus.

Cryptoart Couture

Digital art has been around for a while, but the energy of the blockchain allows artists to earn more money, monitor and protect their highbrow assets. With the burgeoning Web3 home, SuperRare opened its art gallery to bring the virtual global back to the physical realm through art exhibitions.

In line with that, SuperRare coined the time period cryptoart to explain the shape of paintings it displays in its gallery.

“Cryptoart is a new term we’re playing with” [and] trying to really hone in on the details of what it is that we’re creating. The term you’ll hear more commonly is NFTs, which can be any digital asset; they don’t have to be art,’ Lapidus defined. “People will always recognize and be attracted to art. I think crypto art is a more accurate term for what we create.”

Lapidus envisions that crypto art will rise to new heights along with Crypto structure, Crypto song and past. She stated that long-term specificity is key here in getting people to take the rising market seriously.

During New York Fashion Week, SuperRare teamed up with Vault Art Space through Gucci and NYFW fashion designer Marrisa Wilson to position in an art exhibit referred to as Cryptoart Couture. The exhibit featured 19 artists displaying artworks exploring the intersection of favor and the metaverse.

Each artwork was once accompanied by a QR code that took the public to SuperRare’s website listing. People can bid on the items in real time.

“Gucc1 Fu7ur3 2122” via ignorance1.
“Dress for Comfort” by Kenny Schachter.

SuperRare has established a curatorial group that takes the prize of discovering and connecting with artists to leverage its platform. That similar group manages the company’s presentations and galleries, hand-selecting all the murals to be displayed. SuperRare has created several more paintings to showcase the range in the Cryptoart Couture exhibition, which features paintings by BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ creators.

Can we see another SuperRare popup gallery soon? Or maybe even a sustainable home? Possibly. We follow the company to see what comes next.

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