SuperPlastic Releases BAYC Vinyl Collectibles

On April 13, SuperPlastic, the leading vinyl collectibles company, teased its BAYC collab drop on Twitter, writing, “APE VINYL THIS WEEK” featuring two obscure black-and-white photos: one of Curtis, the Bored Ape mascot, and another of Ape #6984, which SuperPlastic bought earlier this year.

According to NFT Evening, the SUPERBORED drop will consist of five vinyl collectibles, some of which will be available to select NFT holders:

  1. BAYC Curtis, which will be available to BAYC NFT holders
  2. Superplastic Skipper, available for holders of Superplastic Cryptojankyz and Headtripz
  3. MAYC Curtis, which will be available to Mutant Ape Yacht Club holders
  4. Public Skipper and Public Curtis, which will be available to the general public

It is not yet known whether the five vinyl collectibles that have been dropped will come as non-replaceable tokens that can be exchanged for physical merchandise. However, it is known that the vinyl figurines will feature multiple colorways and special editions for the BAYC community. The drop is expected to take place on April 14 at 1:00 PM EST. SuperPlastic has already built a reputation in Web3 by collaborating with Paris Hilton, Gucci and others.

Yuga Labs, the creators of BAYC, has been busy this year

Many observers looked to Yuga Labs to take steps after a mostly quiet 2021 in which the primary collection, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, became the collection with the highest floor price in the nascent NFT space. But even as prices went up, Yuga Labs mostly stayed in the shadows, hosting some big parties for BAYC holders and dropping the MAYC and BAKC collections.

Then a Yuga Labs leader said Q1 in 2022 would be “crazy” for BAYC holders. And it has become just that. First, there was the acquisition of Larva Labs’ advanced NFT projects CryptoPunks and Meebits. Then there was the $APE coin drop, which made BAYC holders tens of thousands of dollars richer in one morning.

Finally, Yuga Labs had a massive round of funding, prepared for a metaverse land loss of 200,000 lots, and completed merchandising for BAYC holders.

Yuga Labs’ actions in 2022 have made headlines in more than just Web3 publications, but in the mainstream media as well. Time will tell how things turn out for Yuga Labs, but there’s no question that it’s building for the future, leading the NFT space in the process.

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