SoulMapes NFT Project | Creating an inclusive community centered on love

Soul Maps at a glance

  • 10,000 “monkeys-in-love” tokens
  • Paired on Ethereum
  • “Digital Lovelock” and Metaverse Plans
  • Coin price TBA
  • Launch March 2022

Inspired by the famous Pont de Arts, Love Lock Bridge in Paris, France, SoulMapes is an NFT project that aims to capture the feeling of love within its community. Planning to be the first”bridge of love” in the metaversthe team behind the project hopes to bring loved ones together around the world.

About Soulmape’s NFT Project

The SoulMapes NFT project collection, focused on love, will feature 10,000 tokens, featuring monkey-inspired characters looking longingly into each other’s eyes. The collection is generative, meaning the properties and attributes of the tokens are randomly assigned.

Unlike other project NFT projects, SoulMape tokens are minted in pairs. This means that collectors can keep one token for themselves and give the other to their significant other. Each pair of NFTs is linked together by a unique Digital Lovelock that exists on the blockchain as a smart contract, also known as a Lovelock ID.

This love lock can contain secret love messages written in it and be locked on the Bridge of Love in the metaverse, using the immutability and permanence of the blockchain to represent the devotion between couples. The message can either remain secret or be revealed to anyone who wants to discover it.

Behind the project

The project is led by women, supported by Celine Chan† After being in a long-distance relationship herself, Celine was inspired by the possibility of blockchain technology and the metaverse to allow couples to express their love regardless of their location.

Celine found herself surfing the Internet one evening looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for her boyfriend. Choked by the Covid-19 pandemic, the couple’s plans to visit Paris together and set up their own lock on the Pont de Arts had been put on hold. Still, Celine was enthusiastic about the idea and came up with the idea to recreate the bridge and what it stands for within the metaverse.

Using the power of the metaverse to bring people together despite their physical distance, Celine will now build this virtual bridge and create a place for soul mates to celebrate their love.

Soulmapes Utility

As with all emerging NFT projects, collectors are now looking for continued utility from their tokens, and SoulMapes does not disappoint. Besides handing out exclusive airdrops, SoulMapes does something else. The main utility of the tokens is the Lovelock feature where couples can record love notes for each other and leave them on the blockchain forever. These will be revealed on a set date and can be kept private or revealed to the world as a declaration of love.

Because the theme of love and relationships plays such a central role in the project, this is about promoting an atmosphere of care and attention. All SoulMape collectors will therefore be able to propose and vote on topics and questions that will be submitted to relationship experts. These experts will then help members within the community by transferring their knowledge and offering advice to those who should want it.

Everyone within the community therefore has the opportunity to form healthy and happy relationships at their fingertips, a form of utility not seen in any other collection in the NFT space.

Members also have exclusive access to upcoming events such as retreats where couples can spend some time alone, and enjoy a meal together with a dinner date.


Phase 1: Coins and Airdrops

After the entire collection is minted, Celine and her team will drop exclusive tokens to Soulmape holders.

Hand-designed by Celine, these 1/1 exclusive tokens feature some familiar faces from the world of love, albeit monkey-inspired! The team has already given us a sneak peek on Discord and Twitter and has already revealed a number of token designs, including one inspired by Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, and another by Paris Hilton and her husband Carter Reum.

Phase 2: Merchandise

The next step in the roadmap is to release some Soulmapes-inspired merchandise.

The team goes out of their way to explain that this won’t be your typical merch, but with some creative and thoughtful ideas in store that will make great gifts for him or her.

Phase 3: Relationship advice platform

Halfway through the roadmap, the Soulmapes project will transform into a platform for relationship advice. Drawing on the expertise of qualified relationship professionals, Soulmapes NFT holders can ask questions and get answers about love. The community will vote on which questions are asked, increasing engagement.

Phase 4: Events

The project then aims to give holders exclusive access to events, dinner dates, and couples’ retreats, in the hopes of helping relationships blossom.

Phase 5: Metaverse

As with most NFT projects, Soulmapes plans to take its place in the metaverse where it will establish the Bridge of Love. The Lovelock ID mechanic allows couples to meet and express their devotion to the metaverse by attaching their lock to the bridge for the world to see.

Phase 6: Roadmap 2.0

Entering the metaverse, the initial roadmap is complete. The team then plans to release a new roadmap and outline their plans for the future.

The project’s community, which kicks off in March 2022, is now in the mood for love, ready to use the project as a platform for metaverse romance, date nights, and love advice.


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