SOL based ‘Star Atlas’ demos on the Epic Games Store

Star Atlas – the highly anticipated blockchain-based sci-fi game from ATMTA – has just launched its first playable demo on the Epic Games Store for owners of non-replaceable Star Atlas tokens.

The pre-alpha demo is called “Star Atlas: Showroom” and highlights the Unreal Engine 5 technology that powers the game. Owners of Star Atlas NFTs can now explore a virtual reality 3D environment and get the chance to see up close the vehicles and ships they have invested in.

The Unreal Engine 5 gameplay experience was announced yesterday, September 29, at the studio’s community-focused 426LIVE event. ATMTA also announced that it was launching a toolkit that will allow other developers and studios to connect Unreal Engine 5 based games to the Solana blockchain.

The Star Atlas universe is an ambitious futuristic metaverse project built on the fast and environmentally friendly blockchain Solana. It calls itself a strategy-based MMORG with play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics and player possession. The game lets players pilot ships to engage in trade and combat and comes with triple-A game design and cinema-quality real-time environments powered by Unreal Engine 5 graphics.

It was also announced that the Showroom demo will soon be expanded with multiplayer capabilities, chat features and the chance for NFT holders to take their NFT ships for a ride in the metaverse. Currently, the Showroom is only open to people who own Star Atlas NFTs, although ATMTA said some select non-NFT holders will be given an access code to a non-NFT vessel for virtual exploration.

The Epic Games Store is one of the most popular sites for PC games, and unlike its rival Steam, the platform allows NFT and blockchain based games. While Star Atlas looks like one of the most complex and ambitious Web3 games on the horizon, it could take years for the game to fully blossom.

Blockchain-based gaming and investment on the rise

There is no doubt that ATMTA aims to pioneer Web3 gaming by developing the most immersive play-to-earn game on the Solana blockchain. But for that to happen, it will have to beat a lot of competition. Even as the crypto winter continues, several video game developers and web3 companies are investing in P2E games that run on blockchain technology, crypto and NFTs.

At Rarity Sniper, we cover Web3 gaming stories almost every day. Below are some of our top headlines related to Web3 gaming:

Interest in Web3 from gamers, developers and investors should come as no surprise. Blockchain and NFT technology give players ownership of in-game items such as weapons and skins, which they can buy and sell to earn crypto. This dynamic is not possible in traditional walled garden games where everything is controlled and owned by the video game developer.

For now, Star Atlas still holds the promise of a potentially popular Solana-based game in a future where the gaming industry could be dominated by Web3 games. But the rollout of its Showroom demo for NFT holders and the toolkit launched for developers shows that the company is patiently developing its roadmap and remains committed to its community – two good signs for any Web3 platform.

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