Sega’s “Super Game” to make use of NFTs and various technology

When Sega announced a “Super Game” in May 2021, much was shrouded in mystery. Now the legacy gaming company has made its intentions a little clearer.

In an interview with Sega Japan’s recruiting website, Executive Vice President Shuji Utsumi revealed that the “Super Game” would likely be multiple titles that use cloud technology and non-replaceable tokens. The “Super Game” titles will take advantage of Sega’s diverse set of technologies and still adhere to the original five-year plan.

According to Utsumi, there are four criteria that a game must meet before it is considered a title under ‘Super Game’:

  1. It must be on multiple platforms
  2. It should be developed in multiple languages
  3. It must have a simultaneous worldwide release
  4. It must be of triple-A quality

The “Super Game” titles are likely to be complex and take advantage of different aspects of game culture. Utsumi made a specific comment about the culture on some platforms to see gamers actually play, rather than the viewers playing the games themselves. He also said the technologies that “Super Game” titles would adopt — including cloud technology and NFTs — are natural extensions for the future of gaming.

NFTs Face Tricky Roads in the Gaming Industry

There is no shortage of examples of NFT games in development or already produced. For example, the International Olympic Committee has released a video game to match the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Krafton, creator of PlayersUnknown’s Battleground, has expressed its intent to create NFT and metaverse games. And Warner Music Group has partnered with Splinterlands to produce arcade-style blockchain games.

But other companies have faced fierce opposition from customer bases over Web3 video game plans. EA recently had to scrap an NFT game it produced due to community outrage, and other companies have done the same.

Part of the opposition is that some gamers don’t believe that NFTs will add anything to the gameplay, and some believe that NFT implementation will create a “pay-to-win” scenario where the people who succeed the most in the game pay for the best NFTs.

Time will tell how Sega’s “Super Game” performs and whether there will be much protest against the use of NFTs in a Sega game. But it now looks like the gaming giant is at least willing to test Web3 waters.

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