Rarity Sniper partners with Mintify for NFT Rarity integration

Rarity Sniper has partnered with Mintify to integrate its rarity ranking tool into the Mintify platform. The move makes rarity data from Rarity Snipers’ long list of NFT collections easily accessible on the Mintify webpage.

Rarity Sniper, a trusted NFT rarity ranking and NFT news platform, believes the integration will be useful for collectors and snipers who regularly use Mintify’s extensive line of NFT products.

The integration shows the Rarity Snipers NFT rarity rankings in the top left corner above certain NFTs and also includes a link to Rarity Sniper, where more specific information about the NFT is listed.

How to use rarity rankings on Mintify

When it comes to generative NFT collections, knowing the rarity rank of an NFT is crucial information for accurately determining its value. The new Rarity Sniper ranking integration on Mintify allows users to accurately rank over 1,600 NFT collections.

To use the Rarity Sniper tool, users can open an NFT collection on the Mintify webpage and look in the top left corner of each NFT. If the collection is ranked by Rarity Sniper, the rarity rank will be visible on every NFT.

Clicking on the Rarity Sniper logo will open a new window on our webpage with more detailed information about the NFT, including the overall rarity score, the retail price if the NFT is listed, and a list of the NFT’s features with the percentage every property appears in the collection.

What is Mintify?

Mintify is a platform that provides NFT traders, collectors and traders a comprehensive range of NFT products to trade, collect, launch and analyze NFTs. It gives users access to historical and real-time data, discover upcoming drops, buy and sell NFTs from all NFT marketplaces, use a SuperNode for faster TXNs and access the institutional API.

As of June 2022, the company will have membership plans starting at $199 per month. A creator launchpad is also expected in early summer 2022, giving creators the opportunity to launch their own NFT collections at no upfront cost.

Other features include:

  • Smart notifications
  • 1-Click Whitelist
  • Upcoming Drops with Votes
  • Wallet Insights and Analytics
  • Risk Reward Ratio and Rarity Tools

Mintify is also updating and rolling out new features on a daily basis. For more information about the platform, visit the company’s webpage here.

What is Rarity Sniper?

Over the past year, Rarity Sniper has become one of the most trusted companies in the game’s rarity ranking. Millions of people use the platform for free and reliable information about NFT collections, including upcoming drop calendars and detailed rarity data and analytics.

The platform currently features:

  • 523k+ Twitter Followers
  • 326k+ Discord Members
  • 1.5 million unique monthly visitors

Rarity Sniper is also a trusted source of NFT news and educational articles about Web3, cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and NFTs.

Final Thoughts

Rarity Sniper’s new integration tool gives Mintify users easy access to a trusted rarity rank, which should save users time, money and worry. As two pioneering companies with a similar mission – supporting NFT snipers, investors and enthusiasts – the latest rarity integration tool seems like a win-win for both platforms and their users.

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