Rarity Sniper Launches “NFT Stats” for Latest Market Insights and Trends

Thanks to Rarity Sniper, NFT traders now have a new set of tools to analyze NFT collections. The Web3 company, which focuses on providing concrete rarity analysis to NFT collectors, launched an “NFT Statistics” page. It creates a one stop shop for NFT stats.

The page, which you can access here, contains all the relevant data NFT traders need to make a buying or selling decision: floor price, sales volume, market cap, percentage of NFTs listed for sale, number of unique owners and the total offer. In addition, NFT traders can switch between three different time periods – one day, seven days and 30 days – to view trends in the relevant data categories when making a decision.

The NFT stats page sets itself apart from competitors with fast and powerful search features. NFT enthusiasts can search for a collection by name and offer ranges for bottom price and trading volume to quickly narrow down NFT collections to a subset. By combining the search function with the statistical categories, an NFT trader can determine:

  • The trending collections by trading volume within a specified minimum price range
  • The collections within a price range with the fewest NFTs for sale
  • The market performance of various NFT collections up to 30 days

The Rarity Sniper team has added helpful charts to match the time-based trends for bottom price and search volume: a line chart for the bottom price trends and a bar chart for the traded volume trends. The charts can help NFT traders who visually absorb data and create depictions of various data trends.

For now, the collections are on the NFT stats page on the Ethereum blockchain, but over time it will become a unified source for NFT stats across multiple blockchains. The Rarity Sniper team plans to iterate soon to further improve the statistical capabilities on the site.

Visit the Rarity Sniper NFT stats page to check it out. You can also visit our new features page to learn more about the exciting developments happening at Rarity Sniper. Smart snipers will find that they can combine the Rarity Sniper NFT stats page with the Buy It Now tool to get a trading advantage.

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