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Quantum Noesis is the world’s first playable NFT-based graphic novel. EVI, the world’s first sentient AI, is under attack by those who will make sure nothing ruins her. Use your wits to get to the bottom of all twelve series, win Crypto prizes and liberate the final puzzle: The Thriller of Consciousness.

Synesis One aims to provide a number of recreation titles to increase the pursuits of everyone in our neighborhood. This week, and for several weeks after, we’re looking to break down the key points of the staff’s first real recreation identifier, Quantum Noesis (you can access the recreation directly through the website, Synesis.One too). It’s psychological and the guys really worked tirelessly to create it for you from scratch! Those who can squeeze through the demanding situations will be rewarded.

What is the game and how do you play?

In Quantum Noesis you are an elite cybersecurity agent. As the best gamer, YOU had been recruited through the Noosphere DAO, which crowdsourced and gamified part of its security machine. In the recreation, elite avid gamers use the use of a neural hyperlink helmet. You’ll be assisted by Pilar (short for Compiler), a wise-cracking sidekick program that interprets blocks of code into a species that uses human creativity and instinct. There are 36 puzzles of increasing complexity – 3 in step with bankruptcy. Solve the puzzles to advance the story and win Crypto prizes in addition to the method.

Quantum Noesis is a browser-based recreation built-in Unity. To play, you must have a Phantom wallet with a Kanon token or a similar amount of $SNS tokens.

Can you describe the puzzles?

Puzzles involve striking letters in a grid, composing sentence fragments or decoding letter substitution codes.

Can you describe the atmosphere?

The fictional world of Quantum Noesis touches on topics in our personal world –
authoritarian governments use AI to expand and regulate surveillance and Big Tech Data police use AI to rule and divide us. Like Noosphere, the fictional DAO in our story, synesis.one strives to build human-centric, moral AI for everyone.

What does the title Quantum Noesis mean and how did you come up with the game title?

Quantum Noesis is an amalgam of quantum – part of the AI ​​is a quantum laptop – and Noesis, a Greek expression implying cognition or intelligence, or the training of why. In Greek philosophy it has the further meaning of the perfect roughly wisdom or wisdom of the eternal Platonic bureaucracy. It took us 3 weeks to find the correct identifier – writing drafts on a window due to (we didn’t have a whiteboard).

Quantum Noesis Gameplay

Some early recreation identify concepts integrated:

  • Practopoiesis
  • hylozoism
  • P-Zombie

How did the game come about?

Our problem used to be to make a recreation of using sentences from our NFTs. Of course this led our head of NFT Gaming to believe word puzzle video games – but he wanted to make something more difficult than the expression video games that many are familiar with, akin to Scrabble, Wordle or Words with Friends, and those video games are in line with letter manipulation. of certain persons. This riddle led him to find a mythical puzzle cloth maker known for his devilishly artful problem sentence puzzles – we’ll be introducing our puzzle cloth maker to you in the coming weeks!

What’s Behind the Story of Quantum Noesis?

Quantum Noesis explores themes of freedom and autonomy in a world where an increasing number are ruled by a handful of Big Tech data policies, making trillions from our private records, and authoritarian governments, using AI to monitor and regulate. electorate.
The story is fiction, but the threats to human autonomy and freedom are very topical. Dark Mirror’s ‘Nose Dive’ episode or documentaries akin to The Social Dilemma trace what appears to be our long run, as we let AI slip into the fingers of extremely centralized corporations or autocratic governments.

What’s the plot?

Quantum Noesis takes position in the 12 months of 2035. The Noosphere DAO is on the cusp of an astonishing step forward in artificial intelligence. EVI (Electronic Virtual Intelligence) is the key to humanity’s long run. But there are powerful forces in paintings to ruin her.
MegaCorp sees EVI as a threat to its monopoly. Its CEO, Mike Vanderberg, has joined forces with Russian agents to burn the Noosphere DAO to the ground and borrow the era for his personal purposes.

As a participant you will be part of Noosphere’s DAO’s elite safety ride. EVI has gamified some of its community security to harness the creativity, instincts and developmental reputational talents of elite avid gamers. Security vulnerabilities or problems with code blocks are complicated audiovisual puzzles that are easier for the human intellect to understand and solve.

quantum noesis gamefi

Can you describe the game world?

Quantum Noesis is a playable graphic novel. The participant will have to solve puzzles to advance the story. The story takes place in many places in today’s world and our online world, along with the war room command heart of W^X, the cybersecurity drive that helps keep the Noesis Network safe. Here, gamers tap into the DAO’s datasphere. In the digital world, avid gamers have a multi-purpose device (MPT), a combo weapon, and a pack of hacker devices.

As they progress through the game, gamers will seek advice from various places in the metaverse, along with MegaCorp headquarters, a Tibetan monastery, and a digital Hong Kong. While many of the motion facilities are for brain-teasing puzzles, Quantum Noesis will immerse you in a global science fiction that feels eerily familiar.

Quantum Noesis: the art

Quantum Noesis envisions an era of human development – or a bleak dystopia, depending on our selection. This almost long-term global extrapolation of the current applied sciences, which is why it feels so eerily familiar. How did we create Quantum Noesis’ signature visible flavor? Let’s meet the artists who brought the global into existence!

Who made the concept art?

Eric Jordan, who serves as a marketing consultant for Synesis.one, agreed to deliver an inventive pathway to the Quantum Noesis project in October 2021. With 22 years of enjoying high-quality inventive route, design and motion graphics, Eric has been identified by Net Magazine as one of the world’s top 20 designers in the world. His previous clients came with Electronic Arts, Activision, New Line Cinema, LG Electronics, Space-X, Boeing, Tesla and many different best manufacturers in the world.

“I was drawn to the exploration of decentralized systems and artificial intelligence in the story,” explains the New Zealand-based clothier and inventive director. “It ties into my own interest in the nature of consciousness and gnosis.”

Eric is known for translating high-tech ideas into beautiful bureaucracy that resonates more with the public. This distinctive talent is reflected in the idea art he created for recreation.
Working from the story synopsis, he dreamed up the gaze of the main characters – the scientific staff of the Noosphere DAO, EVI, the sentient AI, Pilar, the contestant’s brutal resource aid and the story’s villains, along with the sociopathic CEO of MegaCorp and his co-conspirator, Volkov. He also helped bring the high-tech environments of the Noesis Network’s datasphere to life.

Eric created the characters and environments in DAZ three-D, a rendering software used for photos and video. He then ran them through Cinema 4D and RedShift – a GPU three-D accelerated rendering tool – to create the stunning avatars and environments of our idea art.
How do you translate the script to images?

quantum noesis nft game

Eric’s idea art gave Quantum Noesis its distinctive Science-Fiction look and real feel. The next step was to translate the 100-page script into specific person panels, informing the story in the visible language of a graphic novel. To bring the story to life, the staff of Quantum Noesis enlisted Bohdan Kravchenko, a Ukrainian artist with a gift for illustrating graphic novels. Bohdan is a professional storyboard artist and illustrator with a lot of talent and amazing skill.

His illustrations give the characters persona and gravitas. “I really enjoy working on this project,” Bohdan says. “I love the story and enjoy the process of bringing the world of Quantum Noesis to life.”

What influenced the art?

Fans of science fiction movies can catch some of the inspirations for the global of Quantum Noesis. For example, W^X’s war room is inspired by the war room in the vintage Dr. Strangelove from 1964 by Stanley Kubrick. And the design for EVI used to be partly impressed with the Maschinenmensch (humanoid robot) from Fritz Lang’s 1927 vintage, Metropolis.

Who is the team behind the game?

Tracy Spaight, head of trade veteran NFT Gaming and Game at Synesis One, has combined our remarkable workforce of poser-grab, writers and designers. The workforce consists of:

Puzzle Master Cliff Johnson, whose many accolades come with ‘Best Puzzle Game Ever’ and ‘Best Retro Game Ever’.

Award-winning artist and inventive director Eric Jordan produced the idea art artist Bohdan Kravchenko who created the beautiful graphic novel panels that inform the story.

The writers, Cyberpunk writer David Young, writer of the Cyberpunk City series Writer Shawn Whitney Fabryka Vulture, who has produced video games for Playdom and Spil Games, is developing the recreation.

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