Paris SG produces a rare Lionel Messi NFT

To celebrate Lionel Messi’s recent Ballon d’Or, Paris Saint-Germain will be releasing a special one-on-one NFT called “Ballon d’Or #7”. This video-based NFT lasts over a minute and highlights Messi’s most impressive goals while playing for Paris SG. According to initial reports, PSG’s NFT will also feature the famous Ballon d’Or trophy.

Currently, anyone interested in the “Ballon d’Or #7” NFT can sign up for email alerts on the site. PSG say interested bidders can register for a seat in the “Ballon d’Or #7” auction on April 26. The bidding for PSG’s Lionel Messi NFT will begin on May 3 and will run for seven days.

The bidder who “scores” PSG’s “Ballon d’Or #7” NFT will also enjoy a one night paid trip to the City of Lights. In Paris, the lucky NFT holder will attend an exclusive event featuring PSG players.

To make this NFT extra memorable, PSG said fans can write comments below the NFT during the week-long auction. Every comment fans make about PSG’s Messi NFT becomes a permanent part of this digital collectible.

During his exceptional career, Lionel Messi has won seven Ballon d’Or awards. However, this Ballon d’Or victory marks a special occasion for the PSG club. According to the PSG website, Messi is the first active PSG athlete to win this coveted trophy.

Demand for football NFTs continues to grow

Both the PSG and Lionel Messi are no strangers to the world of digital collectibles. In fact, the Argentine football star announced his “Messiverse” NFTs as early as August 2021. The graphic design team BossLogic helped Messi design and launch his first NFT collection on the Ethernity Chain. Impressively, one NFT in the “Messiverse” collection called “The Golden One” sold for $1.12 million.

Rarity Sniper also found documents suggesting that Paris SG has metaverse ambitions. According to recent patent applications, the French professional football team wants to protect its brand identity in Web3.

Pro football fans may also know that Paris SG is one of the teams in the popular NFT game Sorare. With approximately 1.5 million players, Sorare is arguably the most active fantasy football platform, especially in the NFT sector.

Built on Ethereum, the Sorare platform lets players trade and use NFT trading cards depicting athletes from professional soccer teams. If a Sorare player’s fantasy team members perform well IRL, they can win crypto or NFT prizes.

In addition to Paris SG, professional football teams such as Liverpool FC, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have started experimenting with NFT technology. The English Premier League will also launch a massive NFT market with the help of ConsenSys and Dapper Labs.

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