Paramount Set To Drop “Star Trek” Spaceship NFTs

Paramount Pictures launches its first “mission” in the metaverse with a “Star Trek” NFT sale. On April 9, at 11 a.m. ET, Paramount will drop a collection of “Star Trek” spacecraft NFTs onto its RECUR-supported NFT platform. This “Series 0” NFT collection features randomly generated one-on-one starships for holders to use in future metaverse games.

According to Paramount’s portal, “Star Trek: Series 0” NFTs can come in two packs: Admiral or Captain. There will be 5,000 Admiral NFTs and 15,000 Captain NFTs. After 24 hours, Paramount will stop minting both collections.

RECUR cardholders automatically receive a Constitution-themed spaceship NFT from the Admiral Pack. Those who purchase a Captain Pack can also purchase a Constitution NFT, but you only have an 11.1 percent chance of drawing one. Other NFT ship models in the Captain Pack include:

  • soyuz (22.23 percent chance)
  • Class III Carrier (22.22 percent chance)
  • Miranda (22.22 percent chance)
  • Oberthu (22.22 percent chance)

Paramount says you can learn more about the designs of all of these ships by watching the 2022 Star Trek Mission Chicago convention on April 8. RECUR will broadcast this upcoming discussion on its YouTube page at 1:45 PM CT.

No matter which package a customer buys, each of these NFTs costs $250 on the day of minting. Paramount says customers will store their NFTs in a new metaverse portal called “Star Trek Continuum.”

These starship NFTs are just the start of a larger metaverse game Paramount is developing. Paramount plans to release “Star Trek” crew member NFTs during the upcoming “Series One” launch. Anyone who gets a “Series 0” NFT should see a free crew avatar NFT appear in their “Star Trek: Continuum” account.

Once everyone has their NFT space team, they can start exploring Paramount’s ‘Star Trek: Continuum’ metaverse during ‘Season Two’ and ‘Season Three’. The company claims that NFT holders will have the opportunity to go on various quests and earn prizes such as digital currencies or exclusive NFTs.

Outside of the “Star Trek” universe, Paramount has plans to release future NFTs from other media outlets, including Nickelodeon. However, there’s no official word on which characters will be available in Paramount’s next NFT drop.

Anyone interested in taking part in Paramount’s first “Star Trek” drop can register at or

Will “Star Trek” NFTs Be a Win for Paramount Pictures?

It’s no secret that many “Star Trek” fans have reservations about Paramount’s “Series 0” NFT drop.

Some Trekkies are skeptical about how NFTs will bring the community together, and others express concern about the environmental impact of crypto mining. Indeed, many ‘Star Trek’ fans contrasted the eco-friendly theme of ‘Star Trek IV’ with the ecological effects of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

As Rarity Sniper recently reported, many game companies like Ubisoft and EA have been criticized for dealing with NFTs. Gamers often argue that NFTs involve unnecessary costs and give players they can afford an unfair advantage.

While the game industry will have to respond to these critiques, it’s also clear that many metaverse platforms are gaining popularity. Blockchain games like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox and Decentraland continue to attract millions of players. So right now it’s hard to say how Paramount’s “Star Trek” project will unfold.

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