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10KTF Shop, an NFT project that makes 1-to-1 equipment for major NFT collections similar to BAYC, is looking for Wagmi-San’s voice. The voice actor will deliver the main persona of the 10KTF to lifestyles in short cinematic scenes.

10KTF NFT Project is in style because it has collaborated with many IRL manufacturers and created equipment for the largest NFT collections. 10KTF makes derivative NFTs. Basically, you want to have a supported NFT first from any other range similar to BAYC, Cool Cats and Pudgy Penguin. Then you make 10KTF NFT equipment for those quite a few protective NFTs. Wagmi-san, the preferred person of the 10KTF store, makes this tradition 1 of one NFTs.

According to the NFT project, Wagmi-San is a Japanese over 80’s and the hero of the 10KTF store. He is a true craftsman within the fictional world of New Tokyo. He runs a shop that makes NFT derivatives for his trusted consumers. 10KTF describes him as a sensible, professional, warm and pleasant person.

In the last month of a teaser trailer, the NFT project showed Wagmi-San as an anime character.

Twitter consumer @nftrancher printed the key points of the process drafted over the past day. 10KTF project seems for a male Japanese or Asian descent aged 45 to 65 with the following timbre or pitch. In addition, the NFT project looks for every person whose voice sounds refined, shiny and honest. “Originally, we depicted James Hong’s voice,” the statement read.

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