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Meta, the father or mother company for massively Facebook on social media, dived into the metaverse last year and several young Web3 ideas that were overdue. While a few of its merchandise have just yet to get up to speed, the non-replaceable token (NFT) and metaverse are taking shape.

However, the company appears to have hit a significant snag this week after it published plans to monetize its metaverse app.

High costs for an upcoming product

On Monday, Meta announced that it will open Horizon Worlds – its digital truth and metaverse platform – to a handful of creators to promote virtual pieces and various collectibles. In a blog post, the company showed that the trial segment would open the door to a much better rollout as it continues to build an all-encompassing metaverse.

While the development of its grand ambition has been spectacular, buyers and customers have briefly held onto one troubling element: Met’s pricing construct for the brand-new product. As the weblog showed, Meta plans to take a whopping 47.5% off every transaction.

“Our vision for Horizon Worlds is to bring a creative VR space to life with the best tools for building social worlds,” Meta said in the announcement. “And we’ve spent the past year developing those tools and improving them based on feedback from creators.”

A breakdown of Meta’s proposed pricing plan presentations that the company plans to take 30% of the cost of any merchandise purchased in Horizon Worlds through its Oculus digital truth platform. The last 17.5% goes to the Meta App Store. This is much more than Apple’s high App Store fee, which is 30%. It could be much more than maximum NFT fanatics are familiar with paying.

For reference, OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world, takes just 2.5% off every NFT sale – while the token’s creators take fees that range from 2.5% to 7.5%.

Blowing the competition out of the water

Obviously, the pieces that Meta plans to deliver are not pure-play NFTs. Horizon Worlds (formerly called Facebook Horizon) is an online digital truth game that allows other people to build and explore digital ecosystems. So the pieces that hit the market are extra akin to animation and skins found in the best game titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite.

Anyway, Meta wants to build a digital international that competes with Decentraland and The Sandbox platforms. These platforms are already promoting real world pieces as NFTs, and Meta’s pricing construct for Horizon Worlds seems to be indicative of what will return when the platform fully integrates NFTs.

The price construct launched by the company has already angered a number of individuals from NFT Twitter, with one person already tweet“The future of work is apparently giving Meta 47.5% of your salary.”

Meta releases social VR house Horizon Worlds

Open or close?

While the social media mass accusations seem exorbitant, there’s also controversy over the way forward for the metaverse – which Meta leader Mark Zuckerberg believes everyone will live in sooner or later.

A metaverse is a virtual international frequented by many of us. However, as the anger grows, many wonder whether or not metaverses should be closed or opened. A closed metaverse is managed through a central entity that owns all properties within the metaverse. An open metaverse allows other people to shop for and change personal pieces like NFTs for cryptocurrencies.

The Sandbox, probably most of the Crypto trading requirements for the metaverse lately, allows other people to shop for blocks of digital assets and use them as physical assets. Creators can also create in-world pieces and promote them for SAND tokens, which can potentially change them for different properties and generate revenue.

It doesn’t appear that Meta has any plans to build an open metaverse. The company could potentially keep an eye on the whole thing that goes on in its universe. But the deliberate 47.5% gross sales rate has rubbed many off the flawed approach.

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