NASA and SpaceX send Azuki NFT to space

Bobu the Bean Farmer goes into space. The most famous character from the new Azuki collection will ride with the SpaceX Crew-4 astronaut team to the International Space Station on April 23, strapped in a Ledger hardware wallet. NASA will also play a part in the journey.

The journey takes a total of 31 days, during which the legendary farmer will “explore” his interest in “intergalactic sake brewing” and more. The Azuki team recently teased the launch with a Tweet that read, “One small step for farmers. One giant leap for beans.”

According to the Bobu website, the trip seems more for mere than publicity. STELLAR, a research organization at Grand Canyon University, will use the NFT to investigate the energy output and electrical characteristics of a microbial fuel cell in a microgravity environment.

That way, Bobu contributes to humanitarian research, while enjoying the benefits of the cosmos. The trip will likely contribute to the public image of the Azuki collection and make Bobu a much bigger character.

He is already infamous in the Azuki community as the first massive experiment of decentralized IP governance. Earlier this year, the Azuki team fractionated the NFT, creating 50,000 different ownership shares. Only 2,000 shares of Bobu will ride to the International Space Station, but they are worth $1 million.

Azuki ready for challenge for NFT Crown

If you chose Azuki as the current biggest threat (sorry, Moonbirds, for now) to the Bored Ape Yacht Club crown in January 2022, hats off. The anime-style skater vibe art has catapulted the collection to one of the all-time peaks, even though the project has only been out for a few months.

Some of Azuki’s top achievements include:

  • Selling the Azuki #9605 for $1.4 million, a collection high
  • A drop of air from heaps of earth that can grow out of nowhere
  • The fifth highest volume for any PBB collection ever

Twitter experts believe the collection has legs and enough widespread appeal to eventually rival the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which could spark excitement down the road. The art certainly strikes a different tone, and the lore behind the collections are also unique.

We’ll keep an eye out for any developments that come out of “The Garden”, Bobu’s space adventure, and any airdrops of intergalactic sake.

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