MGM Resorts Launches First NFT Ticketed Event in Vegas

MGM Resorts has announced plans to host the first-ever NFT ticketed event in Las Vegas featuring the Jabbawockeez dance crew. The event will feature their latest production, TIMELESS, in collaboration with NFT leader Yellow Heart.

The limited-time collaborative show is part of the Jabbawockeez White Glove NFT collection, and according to MGM Resorts, the show is “just the beginning.”

The event is limited to 1,110 NFT tickets, which can be purchased between April 7 and April 30 at select Jabbawockeez performances. After the show, the monochrome digital NFT ticket will turn into an exclusive Jabbawockeez video that will serve as a digital collectible and key to unlock more benefits and offers.

MGM Resorts is known for creating spectacular events and immersive experiences to amaze its guests, and the Jabbawockeez for their dynamic blend of choreography, music and stunning visual effects. By combining NFT technology with a live experience, they could hope to pioneer a new wave of live-ticketed events distributed and complemented by NFT technology.

NFTs are rising in show business and sports

MGM Resorts and the Jabbawockeez may be able to claim the first live-ticket NFT event, but artists, Hollywood, movie chains and sports leagues flock to NFTs and cryptocurrencies year round.

Here are just some of the recent NFT headlines in show business and sports:

There’s a lot going on in the NFT space when it comes to entertainment, so it’s no surprise that MGM Resorts would find a way to capitalize on the burgeoning technology.

Whether it’s just FOMO or the NFT aspect of the performance will improve the overall experience for fans, that remains to be seen.

But whatever happens, we’re confident that the Jabbawockeez, one of the world’s most creative and influential dance crews, will put on a great show for anyone who buys a Jabbawockeez White Glove NFT and makes it to the event.

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