Lucky Ape Travel Club – NFT for Globetrotter

Lucky Ape Travel Club is an exclusive members-only NFT club that brings together globetrotters and metaverse enthusiasts from around the world. Located between the present moment and the coming future, the travel club allows its members to explore the world in a whole new way. By leveraging the benefits of tokenomics, The Lucky Ape Club offers its members = access to its properties around the world.

As a member, you can expect exclusive access to events in places with breathtaking views, with special guest appearances and unlimited networking opportunities with like-minded people. In short, expect a perfect amalgamation of real-life and metaverse.

Specifications: ERC-721 Standards

Gathering place: the world

Lucky monkeys are everywhere. Although limited in number, their troop is transcontinental. Therefore, they need the globe itself to meet.

Using your NFT, members can access properties around the world and attend meetings in exotic places. Think Croatian hunting parties, secluded estates and remote locations hidden from unwelcome eyes.

NFT details, features and mint price

The Lucky Ape Travel Club is a collection of 10,000 distinctive Lucky Apes NFT with fantastic possibilities and lives on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Lucky Ape Travel Club NFT serves as your Club membership card to attend global parties, visit our properties around the world and enter the metaverse land in Sandbox…and many more interesting things!

Features and location – Users can use their NFT to access properties around the world and attend gatherings in exotic locations such as Hunting parties in Croatia isolated country houses and remote areas out of sight.

NFTs that make the difference – Because luck is all about catching the right train to the future, the club’s economy is fueled by tomorrow’s gold coins – non-replaceable tokens.

Buying a lucky monkey doesn’t just buy you an avatar or an arguably rare piece of art. You are part of a club with more privileges and services over time. Your LuckyApe can be used as your digital identity, opening digital doors for you.

Presale – Presale is currently live and took place on April 15, 2022. Whitelisted and Early Adoptors of the Lucky Apes can mint their NFT by going to the Official Mint Page – Presale Mint price is 0.777 ETH + gas cost.

public sale – The public sale of the LATC NFTs will take place on April 17, 2022and it is sold for a Mint price of 1 ETH + gas charges.

What can you do with your Lucky Ape?

You can use your Lucky Ape to have the biggest bang of your time – satisfy your wanderlust, settle in warm regions around the world and meet other NFT enthusiasts in breathtaking locations. You can of course also see it as an excellent investment and a valuable market asset. Buy Metaverse Properties around the world, book your stay in the Odyssey Lounge and numerous member privileges!.

The Odyssey Lounge

The club’s booking hub is named after the first epic journey in our culture – the Odyssey. The long return home of a Greek hero, Odysseus, became a symbol of how explorations of this world can change us. How we grow with our travels.

The Odyssey Lounge thus acting as a portal for launching members to many popular destinations, where they can feel the jazzy vibes of the world, enjoy diversity and meet other globetrotters.

To come to Earth for a moment, The Odyssey Lounge is a place where members can reserve their stay in the club’s properties around the world.

But it’s not just any booking hub.

To ensure that every member has an equal opportunity to access the Club’s estates, The Odyssey allow lucky monkeys to book a stay of up to 7 days at a time. It is possible to extend a visit, but only after check-out. Lucky monkeys can only access the terrain by using their NFT.

The Lucky Ape travel club is launching its journey with seven popular travel destinations in:

  • Island near Punta Gorda, Belize
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Miami, USA
  • Sosua, Dominican Republic
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Bali, Indonesia

road map:

Also access to our exclusive parties/events around the world. 1 eth + gas cost

  • 7% – BEEF OUR MARKETING – Take care of our team and their family (our kids are cute and they eat A LOT).
  • 21% – DONATE AND GIVE BACK– Donate 100 ETH to support Ukraine (our help goes to and Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation
  • 33% – VIRTUAL MEETINGS – Start the metaverse lucky monkey Land alone. Members can enter the Metaverse and create in this space as well.
  • 47% – SCAVENGER HUNT – Launch our first global scavenger hunt. The first country is democratically elected by our members. The winner will receive 25 ETH. Expand on Marketing. Our first start Global treasure hunt. Our members will democratically elect the first country to be visited. The winner will receive 25 ETH next to be declared the champion of this competition. Expanding on our marketing efforts,
  • 55% – MEMBERS ONLY SECTION – Open the member session of the site where you can access:
    • Odyssey Portal
    • Ubuntu lounge
    • And much more…
  • 88% – HOLIDAY TIME! – NFT holders have free access to the Odyssey Lounge. The Odyssey Lounge is a session for members of our website where club members can book their stay in the club’s accommodation around the world. We are opening 7 boutique hotels around the world for NFT holders to stay.
  • 100% – PARTY TIME! – Plan our first members-only party. The location is chosen by our NFT holders through a voting process. Democracy reigns!!!

So what are you waiting for?


Be part of a whole new world!

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