Ledger grabs dozens of LAND NFTs in the sandbox

Crypto wallet manufacturer Ledger recently purchased 36 LAND packs in The Sandbox metaverse. In addition to promoting his brand, Ledger wants to use his new virtual land to spread awareness about safely storing digital assets such as NFTs and Bitcoin.

Ledger’s chief experience officer Ian Rogers announced the metaverse purchase of his company on April 5 at the Non-Fungible Conference in Lisbon. While there are no details on what Ledger is building in his metaverse property, Rogers says there will be game opportunities to earn.

Each of Ledger’s upcoming games will educate players about different aspects of the crypto industry. Since Ledger focuses on crypto self-preservation, most reporters think Ledger’s new games will explain how to use cold storage.

Rogers says Ledger’s education hub will provide users with a “low-risk” way to learn about the responsibilities of storing crypto. He also believes Ledger’s metaverse games will increase demand for the Paris-based company’s devices.

Speaking of Ledger’s hardware devices, the company has also announced a new NFT-focused version of its standard Nano S device. Ledger’s latest product, called the “Nano S Plus”, allows users to see full transaction details in the Ledger Live app before trading an NFT. According to Ledger executives, the “clear signing” feature of the Nano S Plus helps protect NFT collectors from potential scams.

In addition to trading NFTs with the Nano S Plus, this new device can keep NFTs extra safe with offline storage. Ledger says the Nano S Plus has 1.5 megabytes of storage capacity and integrates with 100 apps.

The Sandbox Attracts Major Partners Inside and Outside of Crypto

Since crypto firms are already early adopters of blockchain technology, it makes sense that they also have a large presence in the metaverse. In recent years, many crypto-related companies like Ledger have conquered land in games like The Sandbox.

For example, the major crypto exchanges Gemini and Binance have huge Sandbox LAND packs. The Binance website CoinMarketCap also has a significant amount of LAND in The Sandbox metaverse. These companies claim that they will use their in-game land to develop new experiences for visitors.

But it’s not just crypto companies that are swallowing LAND in The Sandbox. As Rarity Sniper recently reported, celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton are working on their respective Sandbox projects. Snoop Dogg just released a music video featuring his “Snoopverse” area from The Sandbox.

Even non-crypto companies have started marking their territory in metaverse games. For example, the investment bank HSBC is now building an e-sports stadium in The Sandbox. Warner Music Group is using its Sandbox LAND to create an amusement park and concert hall for virtual live events.

With all these prominent partnerships, it’s clear there’s no shortage of interest in The Sandbox’s growing ecosystem.

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