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LeBron James filed on March 4 for 4 logos for use on virtual property, from digital shoes to basketball courts in the metaverse.

This article is updated to reflect new applications submitted on April 5.

LeBron James has his fingers in so many out-of-court industrial ventures that it is sometimes difficult to observe (even though our activity is to observe, so we turn it into paintings). Although the Lakers’ season here ended early on April 5 as they were knocked out of the playoffs, James and his legal professionals made sure he was ready to keep himself busy in the off-season.

Judging by current information that James’ museum will open next year in his hometown in Akron, Ohio, LeBron’s legacy will now survive in the metaverse as well.

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So famous by lawyer Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property, James filed 4 new trademark programs on March 4, indicating rising ambitions in the metaverse. LBJ has filed two units of trademark programs for the following:

9th of March

  • LeBron
  • King James,
  • chosen1
  • LeBron James

April 5th

  • Striving for greatness
  • Striving for 4 greatness
  • Strive 4 Greatness
  • Striving for greatness

Each entry was previously presented with the help of attorney Howard Shire of the law firm Troutman Pepper. LeBron will look to trademark its names for downloadable virtual properties, along with virtual collectibles, virtual tokens and NFTs that contain digital items. He would potentially checkout to promote branded meta-merchandise such as “footwear, apparel, swimwear, headwear, bags, backpacks, sports equipment, sporting goods, toys, home furnishings, posters, trading cards, headphones, telephones, video games, watches, jewelry, accessories, and home furnishings.” .”

On the virtual collectibles front, James’s potential metaverse logos will be stitching NFTs that come with basketball avid gamers, data, stats, photos, movies and digital reviews. The filings also indicate that there will soon be a LeBron-wide site in the metaverse, which may involve running and hosting websites online and in VR. According to the filings, that could be the “virtual basketball courts, gyms and recreational facilities for playing sports in the metaverse and virtual worlds.”

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In addition, the deposits come with a web-based marketplace for consumers and dealers of downloadable virtual merchandise that can be verified through non-exchangeable tokens.

You can see LeBron just about everywhere, along with your favorite sneakers and various IRL clothes, in advertisements for manufacturers like Sprite and on his Uninterrupted TV display The Shop, which is lately in the middle of its 5th season.

As the Lakers begin to look at what comes next, it looks like we’ll be seeing plenty of our tech’s absolute best participants in the metaverse. And as he has ruled everywhere, James expects to thrive in Web3.

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