LeBron James Launch NFTs in Crypto.com’s NFT Market

Crypto.com has posted a new LeBron James NFT collection on its official NFT Marketplace. Dubbed “The Moment of Truth,” these 5,550 NFTs feature photos from Crypto.com’s recent Super Bowl ad featuring the LA Lakers superstar.

Instead of a pre-sale or whitelist event, Crypto.com gave these LeBron James NFTs to account holders who found the hidden QR code in its “Moment of Truth” ad. If you scanned this QR code before the Friday after Super Bowl LVI, you could have had one shot at winning a LeBron James NFT.

Although the match is over, you can see the QR code if you pause the ‘The Moment of Truth’ ad after ten seconds.

The “The Moment of Truth” collection features 15 different NFTs, each related to an aspect of Crypto.com’s Super Bowl ad. The five rarest NFTs are each one of ten, while the five least common are each one of 1,000. The mid-range LeBron James NFTs are each one in 100, bringing the total to 5,550 NFTs.

In January 2022, Crypto.com announced a long-term partnership with LeBron James and the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF). Through the I PROMISE campaign, both Crypto.com and LJFF hope to provide students with learning resources and career opportunities in the blockchain industry.

To help support I PROMISE’s mission, Crypto.com says that 5 percent of secondary sales for “The Moment of Truth” NFTs will go to the LJFF.

This isn’t the first time a crypto company has snuck a QR code into an ad. In fact, Crypto.com did the same with its “Fortune Favors the Brave” ad featuring Matt Damon. People who found the QR code in this ad won an exclusive “Marscapes” NFT.

Coinbase didn’t even bother to hide its QR code in its Super Bowl ad. People who scanned Coinbase’s QR code could choose to get $15 in free crypto or enter a contest for $3 million. So many people tried to log into Coinbase that the site temporarily crashed.

LeBron James Will Enter The Metaverse Soon

There is no doubt that LeBron James is a big believer in NFTs and blockchain technology. LeBron is not only an official partner of Crypto.com, he seems to be getting ready for a metaverse launch.

According to recent patent filings, the Akron-born All-Star wants to protect his identity in Web3. These four NFT applications seek the right to use the following names:

  • LeBron James
  • LeBron
  • chosen1
  • King James

It seems that LeBron James wants to offer digital collectibles such as branded shoes and clothing in the metaverse. There is also speculation that James could use these NFT trademarks to develop VIP metaverse experiences, including basketball video games.

LeBron James is far from the only NBA player to get involved in NFTs. As Rarity Sniper just reported, Michael Jordan released his first NFT collection “6 Rings” on Solana. Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot also remains one of the most active NFT trading platforms.

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