Johnson & Johnson Files Patents for Patch NFTs

On March 11, Johnson & Johnson sent a metaverse trademark application for Band-Aid to the United States Patent & Trademark Office. This newly released document suggests that J&J may soon create “digital wound care” in the form of NFTs.

Indeed, the first part of J&J’s Band-Aid patent describes a long list of “virtual first aid products” that will soon be available as NFTs. Some of the items J&J highlighted are digital antiseptic wipes, adhesive plasters and hot & cold packs.

At this time, it is unknown how J&J will use these virtual first aid items in the metaverse. Bloomberg legal experts have suggested that gamers can use Band-Aid NFTs to “heal” their in-game avatars while playing games like The Sandbox. The final paragraph in J&J’s patent suggests it wants to use these NFTs for “entertainment services,” which could mean metaverse video games.

However, it is also clear that J&J wants its new NFTs to be part of a new rewards program. J&J’s trademark application Band-Aid suggests that customers can use these NFTs for in-store discounts and free products.

J&J’s patent also says it wants to use the Band-Aid brand in a virtual retail location. In addition to selling NFTs related to first aid products, this “metaverse pharmacy” may allow customers to purchase patches online and have them delivered to their non-metaverse front door.

J&J continues to send Metaverse patents to the USPTO

Band-Aid isn’t the first brand J&J wanted to protect in Web3. At the end of February 2022, J&J filed metaverse trademark applications for Neutrogena and Aveeno. According to J&J’s filings, the company is interested in making NFTs of promotional videos or the lotions associated with these skin care brands. J&J may also use a new metaverse store to make it easier for shoppers to buy Neutrogena or Aveeno for IRL delivery.

A few weeks after sending the Neutrogena applications, J&J filed a Web3-related patent for his Johnson’s line of products. If approved, this trademark application would allow J&J to protect digital versions of its Johnson’s Baby powders, oils and wipes. J&J also wants the right to use the Johnson’s brand on NFT shampoos and conditioners.

Dozens of other skincare and beauty brands join J&J in filing similar patents with the USPTO. For example, Rarity Sniper revealed that beauty and skincare brand L’OrĂ©al has sent Web3 trademark applications for brands like Kiehl’s, Maybelline and Redken. Ax and Fenty Beauty are also investigating a metaverse launch.

In fact, it turns out that major pharmacies are intrigued by the metaverse’s capabilities. For example, CVS Pharmacy has filed patents that suggest it wants to experiment with NFT regulations. The major US pharmacy chain is also showing an interest in creating virtual versions of retail items such as makeup.

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