how to code an nft collection


How to make an animated NFT collection with code

  1. Understand the limits ⚠️. There will be technical and financial limits beyond your control, and you have to work to create your artwork within those limits.
  2. Figure out your idea 💡. Knowing those technical limits is just to internalize it before you start brainstorming your idea and figuring out what you want to do.
  3. Traits and a Drawing Tip. …

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You’ll just need to add your api key here under authorization. And then update the name of yourMoreYou’ll just need to add your api key here under authorization. And then update the name of your collection. I’m going to call mine code cats.


How to create your own NFT in 5 steps?

Sep 25, 2021 · How NFT Collection Creators Make Money. The way NFT launches usually make money is there is an initial sale price per NFT, where customers “mint” the NFT -aka generate the nft on the blockchain. That mint sale gives the creator a bulk payment upfront (ex: 10,000* .04 ETH = 400 ETH). Then through the power of blockchain, you can program …

How to create a NFT step by step?

Oct 14, 2021 · How to Expose the Metadata for our NFT. Go to and complete the registration process. Unzip the downloaded package. In your terminal, make sure you cd into the folder where you unzipped your ngrok package. Follow the instruction on your dashboard and run ./ngrok authtoken YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN.

How to make money with NFTs?

Dec 22, 2021 · Me and my friend are working on such a solution for our next NFT drop, as well as a platform for others to utilize this to create a code-generated collection. Imagine one day in a museum, there will be touch screens where people can …

How to make money with NFT?

Mar 11, 2022 · Want your NFT Collection promoted on my channel? Email me for business (On My About Page)! ️My Discord – 0:00 Intro 0:30 NFT Collection Examples 1:23 Showing Layers Needed 3:19 Download Code 3:49 Download Visual Studio Code 4:27 Setup 5:10 How To Add Your Art 8:29 Outro


How do I create an NFT art code?

You can create a digital art token by carefully following the steps below:Select an NFT Marketplace. ( is the industry’s largest NFT Marketplace) … Set Up a Digital Wallet. … Create Your Collection. … Creating Your Digital Arts Token. … Listing Your Artwork For Sale. … Promote Your Work On Social Media.

How do I create an NFT collection site?

9:4511:26How to create an NFT website landing page & Deploy for … – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo go ahead and go to And sign up for a free account if you haven’t already you can seeMoreSo go ahead and go to And sign up for a free account if you haven’t already you can see i already have some other sites set up i have my codecats.

How do I create an NFT collection for free?

Step-by-step guideGo to, connect your wallet.Click “Create” and fill in all the information about your future NFT as usual.Choose “Free minting” option.Click “create item” and sign free authorizations with your wallet.Voila! You’re all set.

How to mint a 10,000 item generative art NFT collection with 21 lines of JavaScript

Today I will show you how to make an entire generative art NFT collection with nothing but 21 lines of JavaScript.

1. Introduction

We will use an algorithmic avatar generation library called Dicebear (But you can imagine how you can simply switch out this engine to your own algorithmic image generator engine to mint your own art). The dicebear project automatically generates an avatar from a seed text you pass. Here’s an example code:

2. Getting Started

Let’s first initialize the project. Create a new folder and initialize npm:

4. Code Walkthrough

Ok so we’ve just seen how just 21 lines of JavaScript code can mint an entire generative art NFT collection.

5. Managing multiple NFT collections without clutter

One of the problems with NFT marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible is that they organize NFT items per user account.

6. Minting NFTs with Privacy

Being able to mint with different address every time also has implications for privacy. Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin has discussed this in the Bitcoin Whitepaper:

7. Conclusion

I have shown you how you can mint an NFT collection in a matter of minutes, and during the process, have introduced you to Rarepress, an NFT Operating System.


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