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In 2022, it kind of feels like you won’t be moving an afternoon on the internet without listening to cryptocurrencies, NFT artwork, and the metaverse.

Whether you’re an avid follower of those more recent applied sciences, or have roughly no idea what all those paintings are like, it’s highly likely that you’ve just gone through more than a few well-known NFT artwork tasks that will bring you insane amounts of money.

For example, a “Cryptopunk”, one of the most famous NFT jobs to date, sold for $11.8 million. Even leading celebrities are concerned, such as Eminem and Madonna buying Bored Ape NFTs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What’s much more appealing about the NFT hype is the chance for normal artists to earn significant amounts of money for his or her items, giving the “hungry artists” the opportunity to make some big bucks.

How a 19-Year-Old Made Nearly $20 Million Through NFTs

Image: Art news

A more modern fortune in NFT artwork worldwide was when Victor Langlois, a 19-year-old artist who uses the web title ‘FEWOCiOUS’, made reference to Crypto/”>20 million dollars in his most current painting sales.

This essentially makes him one of the most financially successful NFT performers in history, with the third highest income ever on the “Nifty Gateway” market (one of the preferred platforms to buy and promote NFTs).

How exactly did Langlois do that? He launched all of his NFT artworks on the market to clients during a 24-hour sale. About 5000 people bought his now famous “Paint Drop” NFTs, an indicative picture of Langlois’, with small but colorful and vibrant paint blobs.

Just the beginning of the story

For Langlois, his most current NFT artwork sale is most conveniently the start of his legacy. He plans to create a virtual universe called FewoInternational where all his tasks can coexist digitally to be displayed, bought and purchased.

Within Fewo International, he plans to create an NFT project of little characters called Fewo’s, the place where people should buy, promote and collect their own Fewo characters.

Why the top value?

Why and the way Langlois organized to promote his virtual artwork for the sort of top value? The solution most likely lies in the financing alternative of the items.

Each “Paint Drop NFT” purchased by customers in its current sale was assigned a chosen amount of “Paint”, which Langlois says will be “the building block for everything” in FewoInternational. He explains that the specific paint for each Paint Drop NFT is exclusive and can therefore grant other specific powers to Fewos in the Fewo International (alternatively, this is not shown in full).

Next steps?

Langlois plans to take advantage of the price range of his contemporary sales to further explore his creativity. Although there are currently no concrete plans for FewoInternational, he needs extra people to lend the FEWOCiOUS staff a hand to increase his long-term imaginative and foresight.

In addition, he has to ask the customers of his ‘Paint Drop’ NFTs for unique ‘paint parties’, which will take place in warehouses. He hopes to build a group and make it possible for paint dropper holders to fulfill, smile and paint each differently without a schedule.

No matter Langlois’ plans, there’s no doubt that the 19-year-old ingenious has firmly established himself as one of essentially the most successful NFT performers to date. In addition to his approximately $20 million worth of artwork purchased this week, Langlois’ prior gross sales amounted to $30 million in benefit, resulting in $50 million in overall gross sales in just 12 months.

Not too shabby, right?

One of his most beloved items bought for only about $1,000,000. The NFT artwork “Nice to meet you, I’m Mr. MiSUNDERSTOOD” was purchased in October for a whopping ETH 882, or $2.8 million, on the Sotheby’s public sales area.

Whether Langlois comes to the decision to turn into the next JRR Tolkien of the virtual world, or simply remains a tender adult who simply loves developing works of art, he will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most imaginative and successful visionaries. in the NFT artwork worldwide.

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