Harvey Nichols opens a Blue-Chip NFT store in a Hong Kong mall

UK-based fashion retailer Harvey Nichols has just opened a physical NFT store in Hong Kong. Harvey Nichols’ new NFT store, located in the Pacific Place shopping complex, will focus on selling the industry’s leading NFT collections.

indeed, the nothing but NFTs allowed in the “HN NFT Vault” must have an undisputed “blue-chip” status. According to Harvey Nichols’ website, the NFTs that meet the high expectations are the following:

  • CryptoPunks
  • The Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • scribbles
  • karafuru
  • Clone X
  • Azuki

Leaders of the London-based department store said anyone who has an NFT in these collections could sell them in the “HN NFT Vault.” If a visiting customer likes an NFT on display, they can purchase it on the spot using crypto or credit card. Harvey Nichols also said that customers can immediately transfer their new NFT to a hardware crypto wallet.

Current reports suggest that prices for NFTs in “HN NFT Vault” start around $650 and go up to $130,000. Harvey Nichols wants to keep a wide price range to attract as many potential NFT collectors as possible.

While Harvey Nichols isn’t the most aggressive fashion retailer in Web3, it has previous experience with NFTs. Most importantly, Harvey Nichols teamed up with RTFKT Studios in 2021 for a Clone X giveaway. Both UK and Hong Kong residents had a chance to win a Clone X NFT if they tweeted a selfie at a Harvey Nichols store or answered a Clone X-related question after purchasing an HN product.

NFT Shopping is getting more convenient

Harvey Nichols’ Hong Kong store points to a growing trend to make purchasing virtual collectibles easier for average customers. Many in the crypto world argue that using fiat onramps could make it easier for more people to get involved in the NFT sector.

Despite the rapid growth of the NFT market, surveys suggest that many shoppers are not comfortable using crypto to buy virtual collectibles. For example, a recent UTA poll suggests that about 6 percent of Americans now own an NFT. But 38 percent of respondents want to own an NFT in the future.

To help these NFT curious customers, more online NFT markets are opening up to non-crypto payments. For example, OpenSea now accepts credit card transactions and Apple Pay. The new Coinbase NFT market also has a partnership with MasterCard to make buying NFTs easier for customers.

While Harvey Nichols’ “HN NFT Vault” is the first known brick-and-mortar store dedicated to virtual collectibles, there are other innovative IRL ways that people can purchase NFTs. For example, Rarity Sniper recently reported on an NFT machine in NYC. Just steps from the NYSE, this new machine gives customers a QR code that they can use to redeem an NFT on the Neon app.

As more people want to use Web3, pop-up NFT stores and vending machines may become a common sight.

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