Gap sells Dapper Dan-designed NFTs

Inspired by designer Dapper Dan’s DAP GAP hoodies, Gap is introducing a range of DAP GAP NFTs on its Gap Threads platform. Customers who couldn’t get their hands on a literal DAP GAP hoodie will soon have the chance to win official DAP GAP merchandise with some of these new NFTs.

To kick off the new DAP GAP NFT collection, Gap is auctioning off a 19-second video NFT featuring a stylish college jacket that walks around like an Invisible Friends NFT. The person who wins this NFT auction will receive a physical DAP GAP varsity jack with the signature of Dapper Dan.

Bidding for the varsity jacket NFT began on April 2 at 9:00 a.m. PT and will run for two days. Currently, the highest bid for this NFT collectible was 225 XTZ (or about $900).

After this first auction, Gap will unlock more DAP GAP NFTs in three scheduled drops. First, Gap will release the “DAP GAP Common NFTs” on April 5 at 9:00 a.m. PT. As the name suggests, these NFTs will have most editions, but they will no longer be available for purchase once the 48 hour window closes.

Next, Gap will drop its “DAP GAP Rare NFTs” on April 7 at 9:00 a.m. PT. While these NFTs do not disappear after 48 hours, there are only 2,400 rare tokens.

Finally, on April 12 at 9:00 a.m. PT, customers could try to get their hands on one of the 500 “DAP GAP Epic NFTs.” Unlike the previous two NFT categories, DAP GAP Epic NFTs come with a physical DAP GAP clothing item.

Note: You cannot purchase a DAP GAP Epic NFT if you do not already own four Common and two Rare DAP GAP NFTs. Gap says to combine these NFTs to create a new “Collector’s Special NFT”. Only people with one Collector’s Special NFT can access DAP GAP Epic NFTs.

Customers should also remember that Gap Threads is on the Tezos blockchain. Therefore, customers need a Tezos-compatible wallet and Tezos’ native token XTZ for NFT transactions and gas charges.

Recent reports suggest that the DAP GAP Common NFTs will sell for about 2 XTZ each (about $8). Gap’s Rare NFTs will retail for 10 XTZ (about $40), while the Epic NFTs will cost 100 XTZ (about $400) each.

Gap says it will donate the proceeds from DAP GAP NFT sales to the Fifteen Percent Pledge.

Gap NFT holders may receive a DAP GAP NFT Airdrop

If you are already collecting NFTs on Gap Threads, you may see a DAP GAP NFT in your wallet in the coming days. According to Gap, people with a Metallic Series NFT will automatically receive a DAP GAP Common NFT. Gap will also drop DAP GAP Rare NFTs in wallets with a Frank Ape Epic NFT.

In addition, collectors with unredeemed “Collector’s Special” NFTs from Gap’s Metallic Series will receive VIP access to DAP GAP Epic NFTs. NFT collectors in this exclusive club were able to access 100 versions of these epic NFTs one hour before the 9AM PT launch.

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