Epic Games and Lego team up to create Metaverse for kids

Epic Games announced on its website on Thursday that it is partnering with The LEGO Group to create a metaverse for kids. The long-term partnership will focus on building an “immersive” and “creatively inspiring” digital experience for all children “to learn together”.

While there is no timetable for the said children’s metaverse, the two companies have agreed on three principles to guide their decision-making processes:

  • Make the safety and well-being of the children a priority
  • Put the best interests of children first and protect their privacy
  • Design tools to put parents and children in control of their digital experience

Niels Christiansen, CEO of The LEGO Group, said LEGO believes there is “huge potential” for children to develop skills such as “creativity”, “collaboration” and “communication” through digital experiences. Christiansen also notes that children already enjoy moving between the digital and physical worlds.

It is unknown what this combined LEGO and Epic Games metaverse will look like, as the announcement contained few details. But Epic Games already has experience building metaverse through its hit game Fortnite, which grossed between $8 and $9 billion between 2018 and 2019. That game started out as a first-person shooter and eventually grew into player-created worlds and big-name concerts. †

The width and depth of metaverses is growing

Every day it seems like there’s another tidbit about the metaverse, and one thing’s for sure: the concept isn’t slowing down. In recent months, countless companies like American Express have filed for Web3 trademarks, others like Gucci have bought digital land in metaverses, and celebrities like Mike Tyson have dropped NFT collections.

An interesting development is the creation of niche metaverses that serve specific populations. Just as Epic Games and LEGO set out to create a metaverse for kids, others have built metaverses around food, video games, and fashion.

While the news from Decentraland and The Sandbox, the two major decentralized metaverses, continues to grow, some niche metaverses have been making waves. Take OneRare, for example, which just launched its food metaverse in the United States.

Time will tell what Epic Games and LEGO’s metaverse look like, but if Epic Games’ success with Fortnite is any indicator, it could be worth a look.

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