Cool Cats launches toys with Toikido

The kid-friendly Cool Cats NFT collection will be heading to off-chain marketplaces soon. The Cool Cats Collection leadership team revealed in a press release earlier this week that it is partnering with London-based entertainment company Toikido to create and distribute merchandise.

The deal aims to bring Cool Cats to brick-and-mortar store shelves in the form of toys, including stuffed animals and a wide variety of other merchandise.

Evan Luza, co-founder of Cool Cats, praised the deal, saying that “toys, stuffed animals, and premium merchandise” topped Cool Cats owners’ wish lists. The leadership team is “fired up” that it has found the right partner in Toikido to create and distribute the merchandise.

According to the press release, the merch will be ready by the NFT.NYC conference in 2022, which will take place between June 20 and 23.

Toikido founder and CEO Darran Graham said he has a passion for non-fungible tokens and that the Cool Cats collection has been a favorite since it was first minted. In his opinion, Toikido is the “right company” to take the essence of the Blue Cat and create products that “delight the community”.

Graham also noted that a goal of the merchandising line will be to raise awareness of the Cool Pets collection, which is yet to attract the same attention as the original Cool Cats NFTs.

CAA, which represents Cool Cats, brokered the deal.

Cool Cats team has been busy in 2022

The Cool Cats collection grew in popularity in the second half of 2021, armed with a strong community including Mike Tyson and influencer Farokh. It has since cooled down after mishaps, particularly surrounding communications, but that hasn’t stopped the team from building. In 2022 it has so far:

  • Released the Cool Pets collection, which has ties to a game to earn
  • Launched the game to earn and made it gas free for users
  • Formed one of the first off-chain partnerships to build a merchandise line, a rarity among NFT projects

While the rock bottom price for the collection has fallen, the team was arguably one of the busiest outside of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Yuga Labs. And builders generally do well in the NFT space, with a popular saying to bet on the jockey rather than the horse.

Time will tell if this partnership with Toikido is enough to keep the ship running, but since it will create a new revenue stream for the Cool Cats team, which can in turn contribute to the project, things may be looking good again.

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