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Crypto-leader-call-up-bored-monkey-nft-owners-to-cast-their-monkeys-for-a-chance-in-the-upcoming-speaker-trilogy-as-part-or- an-ambitious-cross-platform-collaboration”>The Crypto chief is calling on Bored Ape NFT homeowners to post their Apes for a chance to be “cast” in the upcoming Degen trilogy as part of a bold cross-platform collaboration.

Coinbase this week released a first-of-its-kind media project starring the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT neighborhood and its ApeCoin digital foreign currency. The “Epee Trilogy” could be a series of 3 movies calling on Bored Ape homeowners to put their prized collectibles in front of a different more or less casting name.

Those who have not recently been inducted into the Bored Ape neighborhood (or the arena of NFTs in general) will nevertheless have the opportunity to participate in the cross-platform project, which guarantees tutorials and interactive parts that intend to attract new customers. deliver to the Web3 worldwide. The Degen trilogy may even feature Coinbase’s premier alternative Crypto platform along with the highly anticipated kick-off of its first NFT market.

Enthusiasts might as well stay up late for certain Crypto airdrops and IRL activations as part of the project.

BAYC Neighborhood Contributors Are Invited To Post Their Ape NFTs To Get Attention On

β€œAt Coinbase, we are committed to creating and supporting content projects that speak directly to our community and support the culture of Web3 innovation,” said William Swann, Coinbase Entertainment and Culture Marketing Director, at the agency. β€œAs we strive to bring the next billion people into the Crypto economy, we firmly believe that this interactive film series will serve as a catalyst to serve that mission and help the public understand the collaborative nature of Web3. We are inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club community and are excited to invite them to join us in making this film.”

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Don’t have a Bored Ape NFT personally? No downside – anyone with a Coinbase wallet can instantly access the latest information, features, and a few surprises as the Degen trilogy unfolds alongside the power to vote in the place they need to tell this metaversal story. see cross next.

Added Nicole Muniz, CEO of Bored Ape Yacht Club author Yuga Labs:

β€œWe see how NFTs evolve into vehicles of access and participation in networks, games, merchandise and now interactive entertainment. This is a groundbreaking project and we are excited to see how it shapes the future of Web3 for all communities.”

If you’ve nevertheless been skeptical about whether Bored Ape Yacht Club was ever bigger than a virtual art assortment distributed via superstar homeowners, the Degen trilogy is your latest proof. And if we all know a little differently about the decentralized, democratized workings of the metaverse, the information and stories that have sprung up through this bold collaboration could offer any alternative to last long past the general credit list.

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