Chipotle Unveils Its Metaverse Burrito Builder Game

Chipotle just “rolled out” a virtual Burrito Builder game in the metaverse. To celebrate National Burrito Day, the Mexican fast-casual chain teamed up with Roblox to launch the Chipotle Burrito Builder.

Beginning April 7 at 3:30 p.m. PT, Roblox players could test their burrito-rolling skills and get paid in “Burrito Bucks.” People can use this digital currency to unlock special IRL promos and virtual items in Chipotle’s new Roblox simulation.

Chipotle fans will find that this new Roblox destination mimics the restaurant chain’s first literal store in Denver, Colorado. Roblox players will also see ’90s decor and virtual clothing at the new Chipotle virtual restaurant. Chipotle first introduced its successful burrito recipe in 1993.

To entice Roblox players to try the Chipotle Burrito Builder, Chipotle offered a “pay raise” to the first 100,000 people to roll a virtual burrito. Players in this group received all the necessary Burrito Bucks through the Chipotle app to claim one free entry.

If players weren’t quick enough to claim the first free entry, Chipotle will be giving away more burritos to the most dedicated Roblox employees. From now through April 13, the five “Burrito Builders” who score highest each day at 11:59 a.m. PT will receive literal burritos for a year. Note: This competition is only available to US residents.

To celebrate the partnership with Roblox, Chipotle lets customers use Chipotle Rewards points to purchase one of 10,000 Roblox gift cards. Until these cards run out, Chipotle Rewards members can spend 100 points to redeem a $5 Roblox gift card.

Even if you don’t want to play Chipotle’s new game, you can experience a unique Roblox menu item in Chipotle restaurants. Roblox users voted in early April on which ingredients should make up the “Chipotle Burrito Builder Burrito.” Beginning April 7, adventurous customers could try this new fan-made burrito by ordering through or the Chipotle app.

The Burrito Builder Isn’t Chipotle .’s First Metaverse Experiment

While the Chipotle Burrito Builder is an ambitious metaverse project, Chipotle has previous experience with the Roblox team. Last year, the California-based chain introduced a Halloween-themed “Boorito Maze” into the Roblox metaverse. Like the Burrito Builder simulator, visitors to the Boorito Maze 2021 could win free menu items or discounts at Chipotle’s restaurants.

Also in 2021, Chipotle introduced a crypto-themed promotion called “Burritos of Bitcoin”. To commemorate last year’s National Burrito Day, the chain released a game that required players to guess a passcode to access their “chip currency.” If successful, players could have won free burritos or $500 or $25,000 worth of Bitcoin.

While Chipotle is clearly interested in creating Web3 promotions, it’s far from the only restaurant exploring crypto-themed rewards and metaverse experiences. In recent weeks, Rarity Sniper discovered that fast food chains such as KFC, Taco Bell and McDonald’s had filed patent applications for metaverse trademarks.

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