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Solana is a powerful, censorship-resistant blockchain community. The protocol touts itself as an additional economically viable and technologically superior approach to the Ethereum community. As a tier-1 good contract community, Solana allows builders to build decentralized packages (dApps). Solana’s main attractions are low gas costs, excessive transaction throughput, and potent calories.

This guide explains how many tasks there are on Solana, how the blockchain works, and much more. In addition, we discover one of the essential extra exciting tasks that have been working on Solana lately and why it is called the ‘Ethereum killer’

The first smart contracts were introduced to the Ethereum community in 2015. Today, those self-executing code trails have turned into the usual within the Crypto realm. These semi-autonomous code collections are used to create dApps, which enable Decentralized Finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the Metaverse ecosystem.

Ethereum’s reliance on the outdated proof-of-work (PoW) consensus suite has been a huge hit, ending in slow transaction validation, excessive transaction fees (gas, in Crypto sense) and widespread community congestion.

Since then, more trendy protocols have been developed to deal with those shortcomings, and Solana is the top choice of many. If you’re wondering why Solana is rising, the following causes should suffice.

Breaking the blockchain trilemma

Solana understands the limitations of an unmarried consensus mechanism and operates on a dual-hybrid architectural framework that includes the proof-of-stake (PoS) and proof-of-history (PoH) consensus mechanism. This framework makes Solana one of the fastest blockchain protocols, with mixed transaction consistent with 2d(TPS) above 65,000 TPS. Solana’s transaction strength stands out sharply from Ethereum’s paltry 14 TPS.

Founder Anatoly Yakovenko has since hinted that the favored Ethereum rival is fast on the hunt for an additional spectacular 710,000 TPS to improve scalability. With this type of extremely scalable framework, Solana no longer needs a layer 2 community.

Is the Magic Eden founded by Solana a risk to Opensea?

Plus, Solana’s low gas price has made it a blistering favorite for customers and builders alike. The platform charges less than a dollar for completing trades on its protocol, with its moderate price consistent with trade positioned at a paltry $0,00025. This is a major draw for DeFi customers who take care of Ethereum’s outrageous gas price, which skyrockets to as much as $500 or more in buy and sell periods.

While Solana has no longer gained enough capacity to compete against the Ethereum blockchain, its core features have turned into a huge draw for a number of dApps. At the time of writing, there are more than 62 DeFi-focused tasks on Solana under construction. This is one way to cry from Ethereum’s 465 blockchains, but it holds promise in the long run.

The Solana ecosystem is admittedly booming in 2022. What is your favorite Solana project?

Best projects on Solana

As we discussed earlier, Solana is a tier-1 good contract community that makes it unique to construction dApps. These blockchain-based packages encompass essential sub-sectors, along with DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

We have compiled one of the most important tasks created by Solana:

  1. Saber – AMM trading token platform† The Saber dApp is an automatic marketplace maker (AMM) protocol and the main cross-chain stablecoin trading that runs on the Solana blockchain. Saber was founded in early 2020 and allows marketplace makers to deposit their virtual assets in liquidity pools. Through token-based incentives, automatic DeFi methods, and transaction fees, they can generate a passive source of income. The platform also features a local token with the ticker image SBR. At the time of writing, the software token is buying and selling for $0.28, down 1% in the last 24 hours.
  2. Serum (Serum Dex) – Non-custodial DEX on Solana† Serum is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable and perfect Solana jobs available on the market. Also a decentralized trading (DEX) and AMM protocol, the platform allows various dApps to build with its on-chain central ban order ebook (CLOB). The project’s CLOB functionality comes with an identical engine that prioritizes liquidity and price-time for business orders. The platform provides unauthorized DeFi edits at an excessive translation rate and coffee prices.
  3. Larix – Metaverse based DeFi protocol† Larix is ​​the primary Metaverse-based lending protocol in the Solana community. The platform runs on a dynamic interest rate type, which allows depositors and debtors to make quite a few collateral choices. The protocol comes with a larger capital efficient control pool and divides the supply into 3 major money spaces. Users can easily use the Larix platform by using conventional Crypto assets, stablecoins, artificial assets and unique liquid NFTs as collateral.
  4. Mango – DEX platform for derivatives† The Serum protocol powers Mango Markets. The platform links immediately to the DeFi derivatives marketplace. Here customers can borrow, lend and business by-products at low cost. The platform borrows the usability and liquidity of centralized exchanges and blends them with the permissionless nature of the DeFi business. All holdings on Mango Markets are mutually backed and used to open leveraged positions.
  5. Solarians – 10,000 unique NFT robots† The Solarians project is an NFT focused protocol. Resident on the Solana blockchain, Solarians is a set of 10,000 uniquely animated robots. The project touts itself as the primary on-chain generative NFT protocol on Solana. To build their strength and value, Solarians features 1800 frame pieces hand drawn by the project’s artist. In addition, some Solarian NFTs contain an Easter egg drawn by the artist. The Solarian NFTs have been available lately on Solana-based Magic Eden and DigitalEyes. They include opening fees from 3.8 SOL to 100 SOL.
  6. Parrot Protocol – Non-custodial Loans Market† The Parrot Protocol is another groundbreaking protocol that is getting buyers excited. According to the documentation, Parrot Protocol is a DeFi-focused dApp that acts as a marketplace for loans. It has its local stablecoin called PAI and aims to make available liquidity locked in DeFi protocols.
  7. SolFarm (Tulip) – Crypto Yield Aggregator† SolFarm, now called Tulip Protocol, is a Crypto revenue aggregator platform with auto-compiled vault methods. The platform comes with a host of juicy features along with low fees, fast trades, leveraged yield farming, in addition to remarkable PC annual returns (APYs). Users can also lend their Crypto assets and tap the auto-compounding approach to generate high-yield passive income. The platform boasts more than $1 billion in general price locking (TVL) as of late, with the TULIP token granting on-chain governance privileges to holders.
  8. ORCA – SMP protocol with internal liquidity pools† Orca is an AMM and DEX platform that includes its personal liquidity pools. The project founded by Solana allows DeFi customers to exchange tokens for the use of their ORCA token. Expert clients can also create their liquidity pools to exploit any asset. Also on the crane is Aquafarm, a yield farming platform that allows liquidity suppliers (LPs) to earn buying and selling costs.
  9. Star Atlas – Space Themed Strategy Video Game† Star Atlas is a space themed online engineering game. Aiming to disrupt the mainstream gaming business, Star Atlas embodies an online unauthorized multiplayer game where gamers come to a decision on how the protocol plays out with their $POLIS tokens. Star Atlas is closely based on the Metaverse subsector. The recreation aims to create an immersive fun for online gamers. Players earn ATLAS tokens for participating in using the POLIS token for chain administrative lawsuits.
  10. Mercurial Finance – Liquidity Hub for Stable Asset Trading† Mercurial Finance is the first multi-token strong switch protocol of the Solana blockchain. The platform comes with a low slip for changing strong belongings. Given the increased demand for stablecoins in the Crypto area, Mercurial Finance has managed to boost LP earnings with dynamic charges while enabling a versatile capital allocation device.
  11. Audius – Crypto Music Platform† Audius is a crypto-focused song platform that was first introduced to the Ethereum community. The platform is the most loved Crypto song app and has turned into a hotbed for emerging artists to release and earn their songs in Crypto. Audius has since switched to Solana due to a larger call for.
  12. Solend – Decentralized asset lending and borrowing protocol† Solend is an algorithmic and decentralized protocol that allows clients to borrow and lend Crypto assets. The platform allows clients to earn pastime and borrow 32 assets in 10 liquidity pools. This is accompanied by low costs and too high a pace. LPs are rewarded with cTokens that constitute their share of a particular pool.
  13. Degenerate Ape Academy – 10,000 unique Ape NFTs† Degenerate Ape Academy is a Solana model of the favored Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The NFT thought contains 10,000 Ape NFTs, which contain 137 attributes. The characteristics are divided into Common and Mythic.
solar farm solana
SolFarm: “We are building the future of revenue aggregation on the #Solana blockchain”.


The new decentralized financial system has a number of well-equipped gamers in-house. However, Solana has an edge due to its low transaction costs, excessive throughput, and energy-efficient framework.

Therefore, additional customers and dApps are expected to flock to the good contract platform to tap into the thriving DeFi ecosystem.

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