Axiom’s Ax-1 Crew Will Make NFTs From Space

To celebrate its Ax-1 mission, Axiom Space will release digital art and patches to an official NFT marketplace. The Texas-based company also says the astronauts on Ax-1 Mission will take NFTs while on the International Space Station (ISS). To date, this is the first time NFTs will fall while their creators are not on the Earth’s surface.

Axiom made this announcement shortly after the crew of four aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endeavor launched on April 8. On the same day, the company released its “Axiom Space Patch” NFTs for $20 each on the website

Axiom’s first NFT is available on the Polygon blockchain and Kalos Labs is behind the infrastructure of Axiom’s NFT market. Customers can mint this first NFT until April 19, when the Ax-1 mission ends.

Former NASA astronaut Michael López-Alegría leads Axiom’s historic Ax-1 mission. The three other passengers on this flight — Larry Connor, Mark Pathy, and Eytan Stibbe — spent $55 million each going on this mission. The Ax-1 Mission marks the first time civilians travel to the ISS.

Each crew member is currently working on a digital artwork that highlights some aspect of their space journey. Axiom says the Ax-1 team will create these NFTs on April 14 while in the ISS.

According to Axiom Space’s schedule, fans would be able to collect an “Axiom Mission Patch” NFT on April 12 and a “Splashdown” NFT on April 18. The company is also auctioning a rare NFT called “Spacewalker” by American artist Michael Kagan. You can now view the “Spacewalker” NFT with augmented reality on Axiom’s NFT portal.

Axiom claims that the proceeds it raises from its NFTs will go towards its mission to bring more civilians to space. Company executives also say those with an Axiom NFT will receive special benefits, including VIP access to future NFTs and the chance to vote on new NFT designs.

Do NFTs literally go “to the moon?”

A few weeks before Axiom’s NFT announcement, artist Jeff Koons said he was working on a space-themed NFT project. However, instead of hitting NFTs while on a spaceship, Koons announced that he would be sending his upcoming sculptures to the moon. NFTs are linked to these physical works of art designed by Koons. So probably NFTs will land on the moon later this year.

While NFTs were not released into space before Axiom’s Ax-1 Mission, they have been on civilian space missions in the past. For example, the Kings of Leon sent a copy of their song “Time in Disguise” as NFT at the launch of SpaceX Inspiration4. Also, the Artemis Music Group company made an NFT recording of Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” going to the ISS.

While NASA has no plans to develop NFTs, people in the civilian space sector seem to love this technology.

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