Automaker Hyundai launches NFTs with Meta Kongz

Seoul-based automaker Hyundai is building an NFT-powered online community called “Metamobility Universe”. The South Korean company also announced that it is partnering with the popular Meta Kongz project to develop its first line of Metamobility NFTs.

To generate hype for its new NFT community, Hyundai released a 54 second promo called “Hyundai x Meta Kongz”. This short clip shows a Meta Kong hopping into a vintage Hyundai PONY and taking it for a fun ride to the moon. When the Hyundai PONY leaves the face of the earth, it magically transforms into a modern rendition of Hyundai’s PONY design.

Towards the end of Hyundai’s ad, the Meta Kong notices a bit of stardust sticking to the car’s windshield. The trailer closes with the announcement, “Shooting star NFT, dropping soon.”

While there is still speculation about when Hyundai’s star NFT will “land”, Hyundai says it will drop 30 Metamobility Meta Kongz NFTs on April 20. Anyone interested in purchasing one of these special NFTs should follow Hyundai NFT’s official Discord and Twitter for the latest details.

To stay in touch with the NFT community, Hyundai says it is working on an official NFT portal. The company expects this site to go live in May.

Hyundai introduced the word ‘metamobility’ for the first time at CES earlier this year. According to executives, “metamobility” refers to the use of metaverse technologies (eg, virtual reality) to free customers from the constraints of physical reality.

Hyundai Leads South Korea’s Metaverse Push

While many auto companies have started using NFTs, Hyundai has become one of the most avid users of Web3 technologies. Before announcing its Meta Kongz-themed NFT community, the South Korean company was very open to metaverse projects and digital collectibles.

For example, Rarity Sniper recently reported on a virtual Hyundai Oilbank in the Zepeto metaverse. As the name suggests, this virtual area provided “digital fuel” and electric charging ports to drivers in Zepeto. Visitors could also take a refreshing break in Hyundai Oilbank’s spacious seating area or shop in the virtual stores.

More recently, Hyundai unveiled a collection of environmentally conscious NFTs for its Kia Motors division. These six highly stylized NFTs were sold on the Klip Drops platform on March 26.

Hyundai’s ambitious metaverse experiments highlight South Korea’s growing interest in Web3 technologies. Nearly all of South Korea’s major brands have announced major metaverse or NFT ventures in recent months. Indeed, Samsung is already releasing smart TVs that integrate with the NFT market Nifty Gateway. LG executives also said they are actively working on metaverse-related projects.

Even the South Korean government sees great potential in the emerging metaverse sector. Two months ago, South Korea’s leaders pledged to invest $186.7 million in metaverse-related research and development.

While competition is heating up in the metaverse market, it is safe to say that South Korea will be a top contender.

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