ATP Launches Generative Art Tennis NFT Set

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), the governing body for men’s tennis, is launching an NFT collection called “Love” on December 6.e. It will feature 300 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and use real-world tennis data to create a generative art collection. The work to create the collection will take place through Art Blocks Engine, with designer Martin Grasser as lead artist.

“Love” features lines, colors, circles and ellipses to recreate winning shots in the 2022 Nitto ATP Finals. There are over 30 color palettes, 114 camera angles and different zoom levels to create variety in the artwork. Tennis Data Innovations, along with TennisViz, provide the data used to create the collection.

The collection will feature different levels of rarity, with some artwork representing game-winning points, set-winning points, and match-winning points. The ATP will auction each NFT in a “Dutch Auction” style, where the price decreases in fixed increments if there are no bids. The auctions start at 3 ETH and go as low as 0.3 ETH.

Daniele SanĂ³, ATP’s Chief Business Officer, said in a statement that “Love” is ATP’s exciting first step into the Web3 space. They added that the collection will allow fans to own unique artwork from the ATP’s season finale and see the wealth of data available to the ATP.

Users who purchase a “Love” NFT will be able to see their NFT immediately upon issue. They can also trade them on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. 1% of the proceeds from the secondary sale will go to Giving Block’s Mental Health Impact Fund, which supports non-profit organizations addressing mental health issues.

Tennis betting big on NFTs

While many industries have bet big on Web3, perhaps none have bet as much as the sports industry. And tennis is no exception. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve written many stories about tennis getting involved in the next iteration of the internet. Here are three.

First, there’s Sabrina Stocker. In June 2022, the entrepreneur announced that she was creating ’15 Love’, a digital asset platform for tennis fans. At the time, Stocker said she was excited to start a business that united two of her most passionate interests: Web3 and tennis.

Second, there is Wimbledon. In June 2022, the event shared that it would be launching an NFT collection called “The Centenary Club”. It would feature NFTs from Wimbledon’s storied history, including the battle between French and British players in the 1920s and the use of color television in the 1970s.

Third and last is the Australian Open. In January 2022, the event announced it would be launching an NFT collection called “Art Balls”. These artistic representations of tennis balls would correspond to winning points in the tournament. The one linked to Rafael Nadal’s winning shot rose significantly in value later in the year.

The ATP’s new NFT collection will be a big deal for Web3, which has previously explored the link between data and art. Here at Rarity Sniper we will be watching closely for further developments in the story.

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