Archie Comics Announces “Archiverse: Eclipse” NFTs

Classic comic book company Archie Comics develops its first NFT collection of profile pictures, inspired by ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’. According to Archie executives, these 66,666 Sabrina-themed NFTs will be released on Palm NFT Studio on May 16. In keeping with the “666” theme, each of Archie’s new NFTs costs $66.66.

Anyone who owns one of these “Archiverse: Eclipse” NFTs will get exclusive access to a submission portal where they can send story ideas or fan art related to their NFT character. Archie Comics will use some of these submissions in an upcoming book called “Archieverse Collides #1.”

Archie Comics pledges to give royalties to all NFT holders published in this joint comic book. There is no official opening date for “Archiverse Collides #1” entries.

In addition to contributing to the upcoming Archiverse comic, NFT holders will gain access to “Role-Play-To-Mint Channels.” Opening this summer, these special sites will give Archie fans the chance to play games and win rewards.

Archie Comics also says it will release a one-of-one NFT this summer with the help of Bosslogic. This rare NFT is expected to feature Archie Comics’ title character in the historic Pep Comics #22. Bidding on this valuable NFT should take place in June.

Each NFT in the “Archiverse: Eclipse” collection is unique, but not every character has the same rarity rank. Archie Comics will let NFT holders know how rare their NFT is during the May 24 reveal. Recent reports suggest that “Archiverse: Eclipse” NFTs may have 3 billion potential trait combinations.

For those who were unable to hit any of the 66,666 “Archiverse: Eclipse” NFTs, Archie Comics will open a secondary NFT market for trading on May 31.

NFTs open up new possibilities for print media

As digitization sweeps the world, more and more print media companies are moving towards Web3 and NFTs. At the comic book market DC and miracle have already jumped into the NFT industry. As Rarity Sniper recently reported, Warner Bros. together with Cartamundi Group to create 6 million DC-inspired NFTs. Marvel Entertainment also has a partnership with ECOMI-owned NFT app VeVe.

Outside of the comic book universe, publications such as TIME have been very open to Web3 technologies. In reality, TIME released the world’s first full-length magazine as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Loads of TIME subscribers now use crypto for payments or NFTs to validate their membership.

According to TIMEWeb3 integrations helped the company thrive in the 21st century. Time executives estimate that they have raised at least $10 million from various crypto- and NFT-focused projects.

Interestingly, there are rumors that some NFT projects want to move from Web3 to traditional print media. For example, the Cool Cats NFT collections recently signed a deal with the Creative Artists Agency. There’s no news on what the Cool Cats team will do with this partnership, but print media seems to be a possibility.

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