Actor Bill Murray develops an NFT collection

Bill Murray is working on an NFT collection that will share autobiographical details with token holders. Each of the unique 1,000 NFTs in Bill Murray’s collection will feature an image and an anecdote verified by the caddyshack celebrity.

Bill Murray will certify every story in his upcoming NFT collection, but not every reveal will be brand new. Some of Murray’s anecdotes come from past interviews and articles, while others Murray revealed came during the development of his NFT project.

When asked why he chose NFTs to share this personal data, Murray said other media were not the ideal “narrative tool.” Murray believes that NFTs provide a better way to tell his stories than a standard documentary or autobiography.

To help develop his NFT collection, Murray has partnered with streaming company The Chive. However, The Chive will not place Murray’s NFTs on a native marketplace. Instead, Bill Murray’s NFTs will be launched on the Coinbase NFT market.

According to The Chives, the money raised from the first Bill Murray NFT will go to a charity of Murray’s choice. Speaking of charities, The Chives are known for backing Murray’s Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament. However, there was no mention of whether Murray intends to use these NFT funds for his signature charity event.

To help build the Bill Murray NFT collection, The Chive has created a new blockchain company called Project Venkman. It is estimated that The Chives have already raised more than $4.5 million for Project Venkman, and Bill Murray says he will serve on the company’s board.

There are no details on when Coinbase NFT will open. As Rarity Sniper recently reported, Coinbase NFT’s latest tweets only say they will open their market “soon”. There’s also no word on pricing for Bill Murray’s 1,000 NFTs.

Artists Explore Mixing NFTs With Their Autobiographies

Many celebrities have started experimenting with using NFT technology to share personal data with their fans. Most notably, Paris Hilton has released a series of autobiographical NFTs on Origin Protocol. Dubbed “Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings,” these NFTs feature new videos and stories from Hilton explaining her journey as a public celebrity.

Singer Katy Perry also shared behind-the-scenes photos in her recent NFT collections. For example, Perry sold an NFT called “Mirror Motivation” on Theta Drop, in which the pop superstar warmed up for her famous Super Bowl performance in 2015.

Even President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen shared a personal moment using NFT technology. In late 2021, Cohen auctioned off an NFT of himself who wrote the first page of his book “Disloyal: A Memoir.”

Now that the group LIT DAO has proven that they can create full-length NFT books and magazines, it won’t be long before celebrities publish their autobiographies on the blockchain.

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